valhalla pinball

72,300 check out their Facebook Page for the videos. Lots of warped and loose inserts, mildew on the playfield and even some small dead animals inside.

54,450 42,800 During: some nasty mildew around the posts Cut it to size a bit and fastened it with two screws on the lower side of the upper playfield. 14, Hi folks! A few bulbs are out (right side 2x, extra ball are the ones I've noticed). You can flatten these inserts by pulling them out of the game (which luckily went very easy on mine), sanding them straight with high grit sanding paper (carefully), polishing them and then glueing them back in the playfield. All early 80's Stern are low production and people don't know much about them. The left flipper is 'weak' and 'fluttery'. (I think I may have bought Josh's machine last month!

The voice IC that Stern used is not the strongest one. Lexy supports that, Heist is about to, and Cosmic Cart Racing will as well. If the pimp comes out with the stencils I'm going to repaint the cab also. To see an example of the Kraken magnet in action click here! The screws are on the left of the hole and make the ball deflect to the right exit of the horse shoe on the lower playfield every time it falls into the hole. 60,050 The only issue I struggle with now is getting speech to work. I am awaited!

in the oven seems to cause Craquelé. 51,800 8y So we’ll have some updates on that probably in the fall.

After: coin door and legs freshly repainted

80,300 If you want a clearer description, I can try to draw it for you. Haven't had time to troubleshoot, but hoping it's just a power supply issue. Donate to Pinside. The purpose of the company was to design and build original, low volume pinball machines as well as provide art services for other companies in the industry. I'm in,mine is a project I'm going to touch up and clearcoat. The GI doesn't use the lampdriver board. Did you know Pinside is able to run thanks to donations from our visitors. Unlike other Bally electronic pinball games, their documentation for this game shows the model number only as 1198, not 1198-E. At the 2004 Texas Pinball Festival, O'Connor stated he designed the artwork for this game, delivered to him as a whitewood, because he was reading Frans Gunner Bengtsson's "The Long Ships" at the time.
TWIP: You’ve released a lot of new information in the last week regarding Legends of Valhalla – can you tell us more about that machine? The big blue inserts on mine where so warped when I got the pin they were almost completely out. Switch to dark mode using the button in the top right (or CTRL-B)! 62,150

The lamp driver board of these classic Bally and Stern machines doesn't 'like' regular leds. 12 Hopefully i will have thst worked out in the next few,weeks. 3y 4. I like your idea of the ramp gate in the horseshoe.

There is a reason that the fuse went bad in the first place, and you don't want to stress components by overfusing. Plastics? 6y It was working well before I moved it but now everything works (including speech) except for the playfield lights. Adam Gacek was kind enough to stream his game the other night with the Buffalo Pinball team (for those of you who don’t know, Adam designed and brought the Domino’s pinball machine into production working with Spooky Pinball and hired me to do the playfield, plastics, and backglass artwork) which I strongly recommend people check out to get a flavor for the shots, rules, and overall gameplay. One of the biggest issues I ran into early with WOOLY was finding enough pinball parts, and that’s still a problem today with LOV. 82 TWIP: Will we see LOV be available to the public for purchase? anyone out there?...where do i soldier this loose connection? I also installed a small mod: I installed a ramp flap underneath the upper playfield outhole. 4.

I *think* the GI is working, but could be mistaken. - During Valhalla, you have 30 seconds of unlimited single ball play. Before: inserts warped and came loose 8y I wet sanded them and they look as good as possible but they have tons of hairline cracks inside. Hello club lightning ; can anyone tell me a fair price to buy one in good condition? Great title, well worth shopping out.

Added over 3 years ago: I glanced inside, all the fuses appear to be ok.

- Valhalla (timed bonus ball) can be played one time each game, after reaching a score set by the operator.

After: the completed machine. 6 5,150 I also have a very nice Stargazer, a project Freefall, Quicksilver and the more popular F2K. Afterwards, you might want to add some sort of protection to it.

Collecting enough weapons and playing all 16 legends are two of eight requirements for making it to both of the wizard modes - Valhalla and Ragnarok. Joe Schober, after we wrap up some more Hot Wheels stuff, Joe will probably do some more work on Oktoberfest while I’m doing some work on Houdini. I think my coin door is wired wrong . 70,150 But: it might also be a fuse.

I'm also in this small club. 700 Hello guys, joining the club, picked up a non working Lightning this weekend without backglass (for $200) This is going to be my first non-EM to fix,so hope it will work out. looks like some sort of ground wire. This Week in Pinball is a proud partner of Comet Pinball! If you want a clearer description, I can try to draw it for you.

Before We still have a long way to go on improving some of the polish on the game, like more specific audio additions, more animations and video content, etc.

Cabinet? This is the illumination that is supposed to be on constantly, mostly found underneath plastics and behind the backglass. 6

I'd love to see or hear about your games. Thanks, Josh. 45,550 Just joined the club! Not a complete ruleset by any means, but this should give you an idea. It's a pretty tight place, since the upper playfield is not that high above the lower playfield. This makes the ball always leave the top playfield through the right side of the horse shoe. This content is only available for our TWIPerks members at the $5 level or higher on Patreon. I'm sure there is a technical term for it but no clue what it is. I am going to rebuild both upper level flippers and go from there. Wish this was closer to my area.

Right now, the voice has died but sound effects are working. Could you take pictures once you've done the mod succesfully and post them here for reference? This most recent design focuses the theme on the legends and myths of the Norse gods and is titled “Legends of Valhalla,” nicknamed LOV for short.”.

It's in rough shape but still a fast game. The ball keeps jumping over the flippers and drains. Upload your own images here and share with the pinball community! 5 The other five prototypes are in residences of other close personal friends of mine where they have been playing and taking notes for Frank Gigliotti (responsible for software) and myself on rules suggestions, bugs, etc. They also discuss the P-ROC system and the companies that use it, they talk Heist and the crane in the game and cool modes and features, talk about adding the decision to add a third flipper for Heist, talk about the P3 Platform, talk about Cosmic Cart Racing and online competition, talk about the P3 games being in competitions, all the different games for the P3 platform, talk about CCR 2.0, bluetooth headphone support, and much more. I'm rather new to the club, but am a proud owner of a Lightning machine in mostly-working shape. Circus Maximus: Kingpin, Python’s Pinball Circus. The value that's supposed to be in there is written on the board, next to the fuse. 82,050

Planning on doing a thorough shop out, maybe addressing some inserts as well as fixing some wiring hacks and rebuilding flippers. googled3a98ce8274532cc.html

And then I’m going to carve out some time to do some work on Houdini, there are some improvements I want to make there. Still the pin I end up playing the most. I have nice scans and have started stencil design for LIGHTNING. Browsing Pinside at night? His new business venture serves food and drinks and has an incredible line up of amazing pinball and arcade machines. You don't want them to interfere with a ball that's shot into the horse shoe. And the art is good, 7y 769 How do you prefer to get your pinball news? To get automatically entered into the monthly giveaways, Help us keep the site running and receive exciting. Think so, yeah. Playfield looks nice but some insert are sunken a bit. So anyone when they walk up to the P3, assuming the operator allows it, they can put in their name and essentially log into the system using their profile name. 19. 1,983, It's a fun game, I liked the multi-ball rules. AS-2518-18 / TA-100, Classic Stern Spinner Decal -- White Background, Classic Bally & Stern LED Flicker Eliminator Adapter, Tester for Bally/Stern & Zaccaria displays, NEW SB-300 Replacement Sound Board and Wiring Harness, Set of Blue LED displays for Bally/Stern pinball machines. Anyone interested in a super deal on a new replacement backglass. Do you get the idea? I bought it in very sorry condition. what do do with them? Some important rules:

So if you have three kids, they can walk up and all log in under KID and [they] can all three play cooperatively against someone else, say someone named DAD…you can do 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 1 or you can all play the same profile name and play cooperatively in a four player game. 3,482

We wanted to give pinball people first crack [at buying the machine].

After: Yay! Awesome and brutal game. I'll check it out when I get back to the bar. Would love to see a picture of this! The machine still plays, but got that left flipper jutter, no GI in the backbox and no voice right now. Think I got it. 887, 8y 7y out there can always go back and look at any game they’ve contributed to and find something they could improve on, but eventually you gotta call it good enough and hope you make the majority of people happy.”. It's almost time to get her out and bring her to life. This means multiball may end by locking 2 balls during multiball. As always, open to suggestions on troubleshooting from those who have been there, done that. Don't ask me why, but the voice card of these classic Sterns is on the same fuse as the GI is. And at some point the Oktoberfest, which is folded up in a corner, I’ll get that set up. :/, Great to see you're enjoying Pinside! Scott Gullicks: “The sixth prototype is in the process of being completed and will be shipping out shortly. Is there a direct replacement LED equivalent for the playfield bulbs or is it better to just use the style that's already in there? Certain page elements may have been deliberately hidden.

- Valhalla (timed bonus ball) can be played one time each game, after reaching a score set by the operator.

I'm afraid I can't take a picture of the mod right now. I don't remember exactly which screws I used. I don't remember exactly which screws I used.

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