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TMDb and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Lee-Thompson's direction, less happy in the early scenes of murder and first encounter, is otherwise craftsmanlike, with a good use of locations and above all a firm feeling for outcasts and foreigners, their solidity and their background. Coming Soon.
Bronek leaves her with a metal cigarette case which she had already taken from the bag, travels to the docks and signs on with the ship. Cinemark Although the captain and first officer of the Poloma are shown speaking Spanish the actors were both Cypriots. Film View all Film Film News ... Tiger Bay J Elder Wills (1934) 65min. Though cited as one of the pioneers of the British New Wave movement in cinema, Tiger Bay possesses only a little of that genre's groundbreaking, realistic approach.…. It was also strange to see a literal child actor act better than a fully grown adult, but I'll forgive Horst this crime because he has such a pretty face and chalk it up to the language barrier. Bronek finds Anya in her new flat, but she wants nothing to do with him. This was a surprisingly good film.

This review may contain spoilers. and the Terms and Policies, I loved it! reminds me of that film starring clint eastwood and kevin costner where costner escapes from prison, kidnaps a young boy and eastwood is chasing him as a cop. He finds that she is now living with another man and guns her down in a fit of anger. Tiger Bay is a film I haven't seen in a long time. Don't have an account? A Polish sailor on leave, Korchinsky (Horst Buchholz), heads into Tiger Bay to visit his girlfriend, Anya (Yvonne Mitchell).

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Unfortunately, I get pretty tired of the "angry young man" trope very quickly. When the inspector confronts Gillie and Bronek now together aboard the Poloma, they deny knowing each other. Copyright © Fandango. anyone???? He falls in love with Letty at Lui Chang's nightclub and battles a protection racket. Forgot your password? | Rating: 4/5, July 18, 2005 Written by It was a pity that there was a lack of Welsh accents seeing as the film was set in Cardiff, but I liked the use of black actors as extras in street scenes. Director J. Lee Thompson originally intended to film it that way and in August 1958 sent a copy of the script to John Mills, with whom he had worked on Ice Cold in Alex and wanted to play the part of the detective. Wanted him to turn the gun on her once she started singing. Gillie lives in the same block so they go together. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. As the investigation unfolds, she develops a bond of loyalty and friendship with the fugitive Korchinsky. Nice film, and I generally despise movies with child leads. Gillie lies about the circumstances in order to keep the gun which she discovers where Korchinsky hid it. Supt Graham John Mills. With a rich, intelligent screenplay, flavourful semi-documentary exteriors shot on location around Cardiff (and Bristol Harbour) and a wealth of vivid, painterly set-pieces – including a superb face-to-face in a darkened church attic – it’s suspenseful, funny and extremely affecting.

Later, as police officers search the bag, they find a photograph of Bronek and Anna, and recognise Anna. Use the HTML below.

In Cardiff, a young Polish sailor named Bronislav ("Bronek") Korchinsky (Horst Buchholz) returns from his latest voyage to visit his girlfriend Anya (Yvonne Mitchell). Tiger Bay He falls in love with Letty at Lui Chang's nightclub and battles a protection racket. The film threads the needle tonally, balancing lighthearted childhood innocence with the dark adult reality of crime and punishment. The star of this film is a young Hayley Mills in her first speaking role, playing Gillie, a young girl who likes to play games involving guns with the boys, much to her aunt's disquiet, Gillie witnesses the murder of a woman by her Polish seaman ex-boyfriend but, after stealing the gun lies and tries to stop his arrest.

When Detective Graham discovers that Gillie has the murder weapon, the fiery young girl weaves a web of lies to throw him off course. Gillie runs around on the ship trying to evade both crew and police, and falls overboard while trying to stow away on the ship in the hope of remaining with Bronek. She ultimately bonds with him and misleads the police in their investigation.

An elderly woman hires a governess with a mysterious past to look after her disturbed and spoiled teenage granddaughter, who eventually understands the meaning of self-sacrifice, as an example of love, and grows into a better person. Mills felt the right actor in the part of the 12 year old boy would "walk away with the picture" but he liked the script and wanted to work with Thompson again. Instead of reporting the crime to the authorities, Gillie merely pockets a prize for herself -- Korchinsky's shiny black revolver -- and flees the scene. It was alright, daft ending. So it was good to catch up with it again today. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. It was directed by J. Lee Thompson, produced by John Hawkesworth, and co-written by John Hawkesworth and Shelley Smith (pseudonym of Nancy Hermione Bodington).

With Barclay as a suspect, she admits to having seen the crime and re-enacts it for Graham at the apartment, but accidentally reveals that she knows the killer is Polish. [3], The role of male lead went to Horscy Bucholz. Cinemark The boys have cap-guns. At the police station, Barclay arrives to admit to having given his gun to Anna simultaneously with Christine handing in the bag of Bronek's belongings to the police. Youth dealing with pain, tragedy, poverty, and other similar assorted unpleasantness. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Hayley Mills is obviously fantastic and I love her to pieces. Gillie Evans is an orphaned tomboy who lives with her Aunt. Mills was excellent as the lying child and the reasons for her continued lies (about all sorts of things) made sense within the film. Graham drives Gillie to the station at Barry Docks and takes her on a pilot boat to the Poloma as the ship approaches the boundary of territorial waters. Bronek waits for her and subsequently chases her into the attic. Compassionate look at the troubles of two young newlyweds, whose marriage has yet to be consummated. A neighbour discovers the body shortly afterward and summons the police. It stars John Mills as a police superintendent investigating a murder; his real life daughter Hayley Mills, in her first major film role, as a girl who witnesses the murder; and Horst Buchholz as a young sailor who commits the murder in a moment of passion. A mischievous, tomboyish loner (Hayley Mills) finds kinship with the murderer who takes her hostage (Horst Buccholz) in this unusual, brilliantly-photographed drama, dominated by Mills' staggering debut turn. Mills), a lonely tomboy who witnesses the murder through a mail slot....read more, George Selway Gillie lies about the circumstances in order to keep the gun which she discovers where Korchinsky hid it. Both the police and Bronek are aware of the three mile limit for British legal jurisdiction. Bronislaw Korchinsky. 24 of 28 people found this review helpful. Film School Drop Outs – Weekly Challenge 2017Week 16: Apr. She looked as if she'd been born in front of a camera. Regal The young merchant marine becomes distraught when he discovers that she has become the mistress of a married British sports announcer and shoots her with her own gun. He arrives to a clearly multicultural new Britain, with both black and white children playing on the streets.

On the one hand I, like all right thinking people, love a lot of Ealing's output and am a huge Archers fan, but I haven't gone much beyond that, largely out of prejudice I guess. You may even find yourself with a tear in your eye.
After stowing his belongings in a hallway cupboard, he finds a new person ("Christine") living in his girlfriend's flat, and does not understand where the money he sent for rent has gone. Dissatisfied with waiting while he is at sea, she has been seeing another man, a married sportscaster named Barclay (Anthony Dawson). Mills' performance absolutely floored me.

The movie has many tense moments:     * The confrontation between the soon-to-be killer (Horst Buchholz) and the girl he thought loved him;   * The girl (Hayley Mills) roaming the streets of her town with a loaded revolver because she wants to be accepted by the local boys who play being gangsters with cap pistols;   * The killer stalking the girl through…. But I enjoyed it…. The desk sergeant curses her for being a prostitute, and accuses her of having taken something from the bag, annoying her. Home » Films » Tiger Bay. Gillie (Hayley Mills), a young tomboy, witnesses the murder and steals the handgun after the killer stashed it. Johnny Mills (her real-life dad) also shines, as the cop who would quite like her to stop lying. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. I expected something a wee bit more psychologically complex, but I think that's because I compare every "killer on the run" movie to Odd Man Out, which is a mistake because NO movie is as good as Odd Man Out. I don't want to say it's too bad that Hayley Mills got stuck with Disney because I have such nostalgic affection for those movies, but if her performance in "Tiger Bay" is anything to go by she could have had a much different career. Walt Disney's wife saw the movie and recommended her for the role of Pollyanna. View production, box office, & company info.

Barclay then arrives to visit Anya, but, finding her dead, quickly flees. 1959 This may not sound promising but the film wins sympathy from the start - and it offers a memorable debut by actor John Mills' twelve year-old daughter Hayley. The best Hayley Mills film, no comparison. When an injured wife murderer takes refuge on a remote Lancashire farm, the owners three children mistakenly believe him to be the Second Coming of Christ.

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