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Fiddler was one of the original members of the Secret Six drafted by Mockingbird, but he failed to perform in one of the earliest mission. After escaping from the Salvation Run prison planet, Bane joined the Secret Six and developed a bond with Scandal Savage. The Six managed to last the Society's persecution with only one third their number dying (Parademon) or turning traitor (Cheshire), the rest surviving in large part due to Knockout's aid and the intervention of Vandal Savage. As Scandal's lover, Knockout joined after serving as the Secret Six's spy in the Secret Society of Super-Villains. The Secret Six is the name of four distinct, fictional comic book teams in the DC Comics Universe.Each team has had six members, led by a mysterious figure named Mockingbird, whom the characters assume to be one of the six themselves. Mercenaries Deadshot and Cheshire followed, and the group was rounded out by the Fiddler, an aging supervillain who feared being forced into retirement by the Society. Due to a bad incident involving Scandal using venom, Bane convinced the others to grant him leadership, then relieved Scandal from mission duty. Giganta joined the Secret Six when Bane recruited new members for his own team. When Bane needed to recruit members for his own Secret Six, Dwarfstar was one of the new criminals to sign up.

Secret Six appears in 150 issues. Most recently the team has divided into two, with Jeannette and Bane recruiting four temporary member to fill the mission roster, King Shark, Giganta, Dwarfstar, and Lady Vic. After Mad Hatter's forced departure from the Secret Six, Harley Quinn was recruited as his replacement. The Batman Who Laughs is the Dark Knight of Earth -22, and the chosen herald of Barbatos.

By the time he realized the truth, he was already in too deep with the Secret Six and remained as one of the team's constant members. Seeking a new sixth member, Scandal learned through her lover Knockout (who was spying on the Society) that the Society had suffered slight humiliation when the formerly washed-up villain Catman turned them down, having found contentment as a killer of poachers in Africa. Getting a failing grade from Mockingbird, Deadshot executed him. His first recruit was Scandal Savage, daughter of the nearly-immortal Vandal Savage and a genius at organization. Then came Rag Doll, the borderline-psychotic, hyperjointed son of cult leader Peter Merkel, the original Ragdoll, followed by a nameless Parademon. This decision nearly got her killed when the team encountered the old members of the Secret Six, specifically with Deadshot sho held a grudge against her. Surviving the experience, she became one of the Secret Six's enemies, trying to kill them on more than one occasion. Meanwhile Scandal took charge of the remaining members, Deadshot, Catman, Rag Doll, and Black Alice, and was in turn recruited by the enigmatic Mockingbird, a name now run by Amanda Waller, who sent her team into Skartaris as well. On their first mission, the team battled with H.I.V.E. Black Alice was tempted by the dark justice she witnessed the Secret Six distribute and inserted herself into the team. Since then the team has gone on several missions as a mercenary outfit, and have gone through several members as recruits quit, died, are fired, or are pushed off buildings. Though the motivations and purposes of the team changed over time, Deadshot stuck around as one of the constant members of the team. By the time the team returned, her room was empty and she was gone. agents, and was subsequently killed. When Earth-Three's Alexander Luthor, in the guise of New Earth's Lex Luthor, created the current Secret Society in order to cultivate crime in advance of Infinite Crisis, the real Lex Luthor, then slightly insane due to heavy exposure to Kryptonite radiation, was outraged. An Olympic Gold medalist in track until terrorists planted a bomb on a U.S. team bus at one of the summer games and he lost both his legs. Original Secret Six member and the second person to take on the mantle of Mockingbird. A stretchy private eye and a long time member of the Justice League who gets his powers from regularly consuming a special drink. August Durant was the original Mockingbird and leader of the Secret Six. Shuana Belzer's ventriloquist dummy who may truly have a life of his own. Secret Six #36 - Caution to the Wind, Part Two of Two: Blood Honor. One of the most notorious of Hell's demons, Etrigan's soul was merged with the body of a human man, Jason Blood, who calls upon the demon's terrifying power to fight the forces of darkness. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. His nose will twitch when something's amiss! Team » Cheshire was one of the original members of the Secret Six recruited by Lex Luthor, who used the guise Mockingbird. The Secret Six was a team of six villains brought together by a new Mockingbird to work against the Secret Society. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. After the adventure, she remained with the team for the long haul and became romantically involved with Deadshot. Recruited by Mockingbird, secretly Lex Luthor, as one of the original members of that Secret Six due to his daughter's life being threatened. Seeking to sabotage his impersonator, he adopted the persona of "Mockingbird" and began to gather a team of supervillains who he knew would resent the Society. She died while the team was temporarily disbanded, but her soul was later liberated from Hell by the team using Neron's Get Out of Hell Free Card. He was manipulated into joining by Mockingbird, then secretly Lex Luthor, by Deadshot framing Deathstroke for the murder of his pride of lions.

62 Appearances of Secret Six (Villains United), 22 Images that include Secret Six (Villains United), Team Gallery: Secret Six (Villains United), A former actress and member of the Secret Six. Her short time on the team allowed her to take revenge for Ryan Choi's death, since Dwarfstar made the mistake of also joining the team at the time. The Secret Six is the name of three different fictional comic book teams in the DC Comics Universe, plus an alternate universe's fourth team.Each team has had six members, led by a mysterious figure named Mockingbird, whom the characters assume to be one of the other five members. The Secret Six was a team of six villains brought together by a new Mockingbird to work against the Secret Society. Once their use to him in this regard was exhausted, he allowed the team to go its own way without him. She did not get along with Ragdoll and quit after only a few missions. Mockingbird was revealed to be none other than the true Lex Luthor who was using them against the impostor who was running the Society in his name, and he released the Six from his service. Catman was recruited into the Secret Six to fill the spot vacated by the Fiddler. Mockingbird sent Deadshot over to slaughter Catman's beloved lions while disguised as Society member Deathstroke. The two teams of members of the Six were set against each other as Waller's team was tasked to shut down Spy Smasher's plan. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Even when Amanda Waller attempted to draft him back into the Suicide Squad, he opted to be with the Secret Six instead. The team came to accept her and even take care of her in their own twisted way. Comic Vine users. The Secret Six was a loosely affiliated group that provided financial backing to John Brown before his raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry in 1859. He was infected by a nanotoxin in the Joker's bloodstream upon his enemy's death, and the combination of the Joker's depravity and Bruce Wayne's tactical mind created the deadliest villain his planet had ever seen. Lady Vic joined Bane's own Secret Six for its short-lived existence. This turned out to be a deadly mistake for him, because Giganta also joined the team.

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