the destiny of white snake ending explained

The most recent available written text is from the Ming Dynasty (明朝 Míngcháo, 1368-1644 CE). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Daoism’s essential tenet is to go along with the natural flow of the world, and respect the harmony in the balance of life’s opposing forces. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ( Log Out /  I wasn’t really invested in their love . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Link to post Share on other sites. But I think Yang Zi made a 2018, the Destiny of the White Snake. Returning home with the title of top scholar, Xu Mengjiao has achieved the highest level of success in the whole empire. The series airs on iQiyi from July 9, 2018. Copyright © 2017 TutorMing Chinese Language and Culture Blog. Bai Suzhen is first exorcised the during the Duanwu festival, a traditional holiday reserved for ridding oneself of evil spirits. With this perspective in mind, we can see how the story evolved into more romantic versions that sympathized with that of the White Snake Lady. One of the children taken was Chang Sheng. He takes the shape of a Buddhist monk called Fa Hai (法海 Fǎ Hǎi). Although she is not undone, she later gets what she deserves when she is imprisoned in a famous temple, and the natural balance of order is restored. In the temple, she found the mischievous 500 years old green snake. Daoism was very important to many rulers in ancient China, starting with the first emperor Qin Shihuang, because it was believed that Daoists were the only ones who knew the secrets of immortality. obsessed with her acting she is one of the top Chinese actresses for me don’t get me started on Ashes of love which was just life it self. Behind the scene, the windstorm was caused by a giant invisible centipede who were taking children, at least ten. Don’t get me wrong, I love these people but I would like to see them work with…like OTHER PEOPLE TOO! Perhaps one of the most memorable was 1992 The Legend of White Snake starring Zhao Ya Zhi (Bai Su Zhen) and Ye Tong (Xu Xian) after all it was the only version that aired many times in one of my country TV channel LOLS. Guan Yin asked Su Zhen how was she going to leave the mortal world. Details. In this plot twist, we see how Buddhism and Daoism intertwined, as immortality medicines are a Daoist tradition, although Bai Suzhen has to go to a sacred Buddhist mountain to find them. An antagonist with unnatural powers, and her monstrous tirades drown many innocents as she attempts to rescue her husband. (or something like that ?) Not expecting that the reincarnation of her child will be as a boy, she had killed a hundred of the reincarnation before and now Chang Sheng! Years pass after this incident, and the white snake has now adopted the name Bai Suzhen (白素贞 Bái Sùzhēn) and the green Xiao Qing (小青 Xiǎo Qīng). Unauthorized use and/or duplication (Electronic, photocopying, etc) of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s owner is strictly prohibited. Can somebody explain the ending to me? Bai Suzhen and her loyal Xiao Qing then travel to Mount Emei (峨眉山 Éméi shān), one of the of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China (where also many martial arts traditions origin), to find the cure to revive Xu Xuan. However, weakened by a pregnancy, Bai Suzhen’s spiritual power has been drained and she isn’t able to rescue Xu Xian. “We had to explain to them how important it was to the story, but we did blur and weaken the details,” Pan said. At least on the surface, however, the three belief systems coexisted peacefully. I found myself drifting more to Xiao Qing (Green Snake) and Qi Xiao (Demon Catcher) little love story than our two main leads which was a shame.

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