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[46] A third film, Deep Blue Sea 3, was released on July 28, 2020. Although she manages to distract the shark, she is unable to get out of the water, and is devoured, despite Carter's efforts to save her. [15][7], The scene where the cast is trying to get back to the elevator after hooking up actor Stellan Skarsgård to the helicopter is actually an accident that made it into the finished film. Carter and Tom go to the flooded laboratory to activate a control panel that drains a stairway to the surface, while Susan heads to her room to collect her research material. Susan confesses to the others that she and Jim genetically engineered the sharks to increase their brain size, as they were not large enough to harvest sufficient amounts of the protein complex; this had the side effect of making them smarter and more deadly. It stars Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport, and rapper LL Cool J. [21] During its second weekend, the film grossed an estimated $11 million and finished in fifth place, behind The Sixth Sense, The Blair Witch Project, Runaway Bride, and The Thomas Crown Affair. The Deep Blue Sea is a British stage play by Terence Rattigan from 1952. Roberta is a single mother who is psychologically damaged and unable to care for herself or her child. [4] Harlin's main goal was to bring the horror genre back to the serious and high-budget production values of films like The Exorcist, Jaws, The Shining, as opposed to the tongue-in-cheek style of subsequent films in the genre. Or right out in the open. [13], After the shoot at Fox Baja Studios wrapped, Harlin insisted the team go to The Bahamas to shoot with real sharks. [27] Writing for Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars and praised it as "a skillful thriller", saying that Deep Blue Sea "is essentially one well-done action sequence after another [...] It doesn't linger on the special effects (some of the sharks look like cartoons), but it knows how to use timing, suspense, quick movement and [especially] surprise". Everybody went away. "[41] In 2015, Den of Geek!, a publication of Dennis Publishing, ranked Deep Blue Sea only behind Jaws and credited it for its action-packed scenes and intelligent sharks. While delivering a monologue emphasizing the need for group unity, Russell is dragged into the submersible pool by one of the sharks and devoured. [6] When Renny Harlin was chosen to direct the film, Kennedy's screenplay, which had already been re-written by several writers at Warner Bros., was presented to Donna Powers and Wayne Powers, who turned it into the film's final script. It was different then. "[5], Deep Blue Sea had a budget of $82 million and represented a test for Harlin, who had not made a commercially successful film since Cliffhanger in 1993. 'Danny and the Deep Blue Sea' by John Patrick Shanley. The actor reflects on the challenges and rewards of playing Hester Collyer in The Deep Blue Sea by Terence Rattigan. [7], Principal photography for Deep Blue Sea began on August 3, 1998. [19] Two soundtrack albums were also released for the film.
The play was first performed in London on 6 March 1952, directed by Frith Banbury, and won praise for actress Peggy Ashcroft, who co-starred with Kenneth More. The Deep Blue Sea (1952) overview. In the end, Carter reveals that he had managed to free himself in time, and joins Preacher to see a workers' boat en route on the horizon. [1] Despite his few lines, Jane was seen as a charismatic character and "a genuine new action star".

Summary: The setting is a rundown bar in the Bronx, where two of society's rejects, Danny and Roberta, strike up a halting conversation over their beer. Your script, all your paperwork has to be made of plastic paper. [23], Deep Blue Sea received mixed reviews from critics. Danny and the Deep Blue Sea - Play. We wanted our team to include more blue-collar types and not to have weapons to fight back, to play it more as a horror film.

Set in an isolated underwater facility, the film follows a team of scientists and their research on mako sharks to help fight Alzheimer's disease. "[11] The idea was to mix footage of real sharks with animatronic and computer generated sharks to ensure a seamless transition between them all. [14] To distinguish Deep Blue Sea from Jaws, where the shark is frequently hidden, Harlin decided to show theirs more prominently because he felt that audience expectations had changed since then. Type: Dramaticeval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dailyactor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',156,'0','0'])); Character: Roberta is a single mother who is psychologically damaged and unable to care for herself or her child. ROBERTA: That’s what it is. "[17], The film score for Deep Blue Sea was composed by Trevor Rabin. [9] Most of the film was shot at Fox Baja Studios in Rosarito, Mexico, where the production team constructed sets above the large water tanks that had been built for James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic. Summary: The setting is a rundown bar in the Bronx, where two of society's rejects, Danny and Roberta, strike up a halting conversation over their beer. Rabin's music ranges from orchestral and choral arrangements to electronic soundscapes, and was noted for its use of both dramatic and easily accessible themes. Although Deep Blue Sea features some shots of real sharks, most of the sharks used in the film were either animatronic or computer generated. [24] He remarked that, within a genre that had been dominated by Jaws, Deep Blue Sea features "genuinely inventive" action sequences, "nicely rounded-out, human" characters, and memorable death scenes. [37] Warner also released the film on Blu-ray on October 12, 2010,[36] which includes the same special features from the DVD release. I was all over him. ‘Cause I knew it had all them whales in it. Damon Allison. The draft we were first presented by [Warner Bros.] was much more of a military espionage, high-tech action movie, grenade launchers, that kind of thing. [34] Ian Nathan of the British magazine Empire gave the film three out of five stars and criticized its B movie conventions, stating that "You're never entirely sure whether you're laughing at or with Deep Blue Sea.

[45], A direct-to-video sequel, Deep Blue Sea 2, was released in 2018. [24] Samuel L. Jackson's surprising death scene in the film appears on some lists of best film deaths of all time.

[28], In a positive review, Kenneth Turan of Los Angeles Times considered Deep Blue Sea a return to form for Harlin, especially after the "dismal swamps" of Cutthroat Island and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Hester Collyer is one of the great roles of British theatre. [31], Other reviews were less enthusiastic. It stars Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport, and rapper LL Cool J. [9] Some of the sets were designed so that they could be submerged, while others were built on sound stages with fishtanks used as windows. The remaining crew opts to climb up the elevator shaft at the risk of destabilizing the pool. I fell asleep like immediately. But he turned out to be nothin but a pothead. In the US, the Plymouth Theater staged the play in October 1952, with Margaret Sullavan. In the laboratory, Susan, Russell, wrangler Carter Blake, marine biologist Janice Higgins, and engineer Tom Scoggins witness the shark smash the stretcher against the laboratory's main window, which then shatters, drowning Jim and flooding the facility. And people on the boat said, Look! Released in theaters during the summer season, Deep Blue Sea grossed over $165 million worldwide. [29] Similarly, Desson Howe of The Washington Post remarked that, while the film's premise feels familiar, it "knows its audience and knows what'll get them going – and even wondering". View All Characters in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. [36] Special features include the film in a 2.35:1 anamorphic format, two behind-the-scene featurettes, five deleted scenes with extended dialogue and relationships between the characters, and an audio commentary in which Harlin and Jackson discuss the film's technical features and special effects. [11] As the shark used in Jaws was 25 feet long, Harlin decided to increase their animatronic shark to 26 feet. Russell R. Anderson. [7] The production team could not afford to have a fully trained parrot for LL Cool J's character, so they used two parrots: one that was good at flying, and another that could sit on his shoulder. Just about right next to me. [30] He said that Deep Blue Sea might not be Harlin's finest two hours, but he managed to build "something that, if nothing else, gives you a great big shock every few minutes".

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