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Agents from Forthebird Motors put a bomb on the finish line to destroy the car, but Spritle overhears them and warns Speed. At the Racer homestead, Pops watches TV and learns that Speed is entering the Trans-Country Race. Speed is crippled with a fear of driving after one round in the GRX. What is its secret? Later, at Van Ruffle's house, the thugs explain how they failed to get the plans.

Back at the refueling station, Spritle and Chim Chim sneak outside of Cruncher's airplane. Trixie wants Speed to lose a race, so that her friend's brother will win and use the prize money to heal her. After a day of training, Speed meets Rock Force, who outmaneuvers some gangsters by driving his car on two wheels. Speed directs the homing robot to knock out the loot Blaggard has. Speed is forced into a duel-race in the desert with Prince Kim Jugger, the wildest driver in the world. Speed takes part in a mountain race, considered with its gorges and landslides to be the most dangerous race ever. Speed is asked by the Chinese Princess Pedal to be her bodyguard, as a gang of assassins have taken a job on her. Can he pull himself back together in time for his next race? A billionaire, Mr. Karat Goldminter, sanctions the Race Around the World, a triathlon-style competition involving open wheel race cars, rocket boats, airplanes, submarines, snowmobiles, and finally the preferred race cars of each entrant; the race begins in Los Angeles and ends in Tokyo. 9 (Episode 1)" / "The Secret Invaders: Episode 1", "Secret Agent No. Spritle and Chim Chim, who were hidden in Trixie's helicopter, along with a troop of monkeys, pummel the thugs with stones. Secret Agent 9. A masked maniac takes the Mach 5 team hostage and forces Speed to carry out art gallery robberies. Riding atop the panthers, Spritle and Chim Chim come to the rescuer. Speed offered to help out, but the old man declined. The rope snaps and they plunge into the falls. Meanwhile, Trixie races in the Mach 5 to save her friends. Speed enters the Mach 5 in a demolition derby to convince him to leave this destructive sport.

The clown stares down the lion.

Note: Racer X is in this episode as Secret Agent 9. Speed saves Trixie in time, but are made slaves and ordered to dig up the treasure. Just as the gang is about to finish off Speed, Spritle and Chim Chim start shooting rocks at Ace's gang from the trunk of the Mach 5 with a slingshot. The next day, Blaggard's thugs enters a lodge with Lana, a Misty Valley native, who is really Trixie in disguise.

The next day Speed visits Sparky to let him know he is selling the Mach 5 to help raise the money Pops needs to build the new engine.

After being warned about it from Spritle, Speed is able to defuse the bomb in time and discovers a plot to blow up the President's speech by the assassins. Once Racer X turned professional, he had a race with his mentor, who, unfortunately, fell victim to a landslide. Kabala shows up and the race begins. Deucey did not find the plans because Pops has hidden the plans on a spare windshield using invisible ink. The Masked Racer orders Speed to continue the race. Speed and Duggery take advantage of the distraction to attack the thugs, but Ace escapes in the Mach 5. However, Spritle, while hiding, witnessed the saboteur. "Treasure of Niagara Falls (Part 1)" / "Girl Daredevil: Part 1".

"The Incan Underground Race (Part 2)" / "The Fire Race: Part 2". While lighting the load in the Mach 5, Speed throws out Mr. Bullion's gold bars into the water. As Splint Femur tries to escape with the gold on a plane. Speed later identifies the man, who is a famous gambler, Mr. Fastbucks, but cannot prove it. Speed mysteriously crashes when an unknown person cuts a rope, causing a cascade of logs to block the track. Speed and Trixie survive the Mammoth Car, but it continues its mysterious journey even beyond the racetrack. Speed now avoids a collision with Blaggard's motorcyclist squad. He spots Trixie overhead in the helicopter and radios her to pursue the thug with the plans. The Masked Racer's tire flattens out, but he resumes the race with three wheels. Mr. Wiley suggests Mr. Fixer and the Alpha Team driver Zoomer Slick to pull the dirty tricks first. Now, the Mammoth Car catches up to Speed and forces the Mach 5 off the road.
The racing official then chastises the gangsters for lying to him. Best Cartoon Shows (that Deserve more Love). In the American West, a convoy of trucks is crossing the desert. The Masked Racer rescues them and then the mansion is caught on fire, but everyone escapes. The elderly son of a deceased gangster drives a Model T that contains a code for a missing haul of stolen money, a haul that Tongue Blaggard, a brutal gang leader, is determined to find. While the Racers dine with the old man with his granddaughter and his adopted children, Blaggard steals the Model T racing car, hoping that it once belonged to the crook, Lightfingers Clepto. He survives and returns with the police to rescue Trixie and battle a giant stone robot. They continue at breakneck speed towards the shipyard. On the track, Spritle hears Fixer give his thugs the order to fill the Masked Racer's radiator with gasoline. Speed fights back against the thugs. Speed then tells his friend Rock that he will beat him the next time they meet. Since the island is uncharted, Speed has no idea where to send the homing robot nor if the oxygen would last long enough to get help. They repair it, and spray Speed with the special gas so he can take it out for a test run. Speed, Trixie, Sprytle and Chim-Chim are captured by a ruthless dictator's jungle army who plans to take over the world. Blaggard's men follow him while a cargo helicopter flies ahead. "The Evil Acrobatic Team (Part 3)" / "The Most Dangerous Race: Part 3".

Nevertheless, Speed and company arrive in Kapetapek. Speed drives the Mach 5 on two wheels down the remaining rope to rescuer Twinkle.

He soon faces off with a very dangerous 200-yard mammoth car.

A creeping vine grabs his men (who escape), while Kadar holds Kabala at gunpoint. At the last second, Speed is able to throw Ace from the car and regain control of the Mach 5 before it drives off the edge of a cliff. The Mach 5 team crosses paths with Mr Fastbucks, a wanted criminal with a taste for gambling and who's rigged Speed's latest race with explosives.

On its way to discover the Mammoth Car’s secret, he equips the homing robot with X-ray film so he can be able to penetrate the metal. Pops, Spritle and Chim-Chim manage to catch up to the car with the GRX's engine and, thanks to Chim-Chim, stop it before it crashes into the ocean. Later, Speed and Trixie learn on the radio that Twinkle will drive a car, balanced on two ropes, over Niagara Falls. Spritle and Chim Chim both knock out the Mammoth Car’s driver, while Speed jumps in and then flees with his brother and Chim Chim just as the car causes a collision with an oil tank, causing it to melt into a pool of molten gold. While Speed and Trixie are learning of Dr. Fantasty's rocket fuel engine, the plane they are on is hijacked by strange masked men who direct the plane to an uncharted island. Sparky suggests that Speed should enter the Sword Mountain Race for a $5,000 prize, and Speed decides to enter the race. Mr Trotter, a man who hates cars ever since his son perished in an auto accident, sets out to rid the world of cars. Mr. Bullion then steals one of the balloons, but the balloon hits a mountain and it explodes, killing him. Speed and Trixie are fired upon at the refueling station. During the practice, Pops, Trixie and Spritle find him and take him away, despite his protests.

Because of the strong winds, Speed and Trixie try to stop Twinkle. The racers drive through a tunnel to an ancient city with bejeweled statues.
It's the final lap of the Alpine Race, but Speed Racer is blinded and Racer X's legs are broken. Lovelace and her guardian Oscar enter the race to teach her father a lesson because she does not want to be married. Later, Mr. Kadar captures the Princess and demands to know where the country's treasure is hidden. We also learn that they planted a scorpion in Speed and Kim's cars to get rid of them permanently. Speed turns around and tries to slash the car’s tires, but the Mammoth Car dodges it and encircles the Mach 5. In the end, they succeed and Speed alone enters the Desert Race, easily winning, with Kim on the sidelines cheering. Taking out the Mach 5 for a road test, a dirty racer named Skull Duggery rams the car, causing Speed to throw a wheel and crash. He grabs her. Ninja Car (Episode 1)" / "Gang of Assassins: Episode 1". The assassins know that some racer flashed his mirror, blinding the assassin. The Chief agrees to do so. Back at the garage, the car is repaired, but they need a new windshield. Brotch and his cronies imprison Speed and Twinke in a cave and head off to their Mt Rushmore lair. Speed and another racer, Kim, are airlifted, along with their cars, to Flat Hill Country for a desert race. In Egypt, Speed Racer meets a scientist named Digger O.

Exactly a year after the Alpine Race, the Car Acrobat Team challenges Speed Racer to a race to determine the superior driver. Resuming the Sword Mountain Race, Ace Deucey and his gang watch Speed race down the embankment and escape. At the racetrack, Speed receives an invitation to the Fire Festival Race. Under the evil influence of Splint Femur, Calcia has kidnapped Trixie, threatening her with death. When he confronts Mr. Fastbucks, Speed is told his master plan: Mr. Fastbucks has bought up coal and train companies and by blowing up the world's gas supplies, he will become fabulously rich. Speed comes up with a idea to use the Mach 5 as an aerial vehicle fitted with mammoth balloons to get help for the survivors of the plane crash.

Refusing to give up, Blaggard escapes to his car with the money and Speed follows him. His determination to win the race against literally all odds touches Racer X to the point that he deliberately fakes injury to help navigate Speed to safety – and to warn Oiler when a leakage of oil from his car leads to a near-fatal explosion short of the finish. Duggery follows Speed, with Ace and his gang close behind. Dr. Nightcall promises to devote his life and the base to undersea research in memory of his daughter. Attempting to drive along the bottom, Speed gets caught in a series of whirlpools. Brotch enters his secret hideout located in Mount Rushmore. Speed watches Duggery race past in his car and resumes the race.

Spritle also learns he can legally enter the race because they crossed the. A greedy man named Mr. Freeloader enlists the aid of a driver named Lolly. Mach 5 (Part 2)" / "The Great Plan: Part 2". Speed throws a knife, knocking the gun out of Kadar's hand.

Best Cartoon Shows (that Deserve more Love).

No gold is found there.

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