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Bill Pardy He is portrayed by Michael Rooker. The creature extends some kind of stinger which shoots into Grant's chest. : Filming & Production :

Eventually, Starla catches on to his strange behaviour and witnesses his new mutant appendages protruding from his torso. He is portrayed by Michael Rooker. It's just a bee sting. Martians is from Mars, Jack.

| : What's fucking worse?

: Starla Grant

| By this point, Grant no longer looks human, having turned into an amorphous blob of a creature with tentacles. : Oh yeah? Grant then flees into the woods. : Starla Grant When Grant dies, all of the worms and infected townsfolk die as well. Slither (2006) Elizabeth Banks as Starla Grant. : : : Release Dates Starla Grant

Jack MacReady Baby, what happened to your face? For better or worse. :

Grant Grant is one of the main characters of the horror-comedy film Slither. Bill saved me from a deer. In a sense, Grant is still being governed by his emotions, most notably his love for Starla. The volatile gas enters Grant's swollen body and Starla grabs Bill's gun, shooting a bloated area of Grant where the gas is collecting. : Kylie Strutemyer : Oh yeah. [through gritted teeth]  Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

: : The alien needle is a parasite and it burrows through Grant's body and into his brain, fusing with him and taking control. He is the husband of film protagonist Starla and becomes the film's antagonist when he becomes the host for a parasitic alien life-form. I'm gonna stay by you... just like I swore I would. Bill Pardy With his multiple slaves acting as his eyes and ears, Grant notices what's happening. Three days later, animals continue disappearing from the farms around Wheelsy and police chief Bill Pardy and Mayor Jack MacReady round up a posse to find Grant and the missing Brenda. Official Sites Ah hell, Starla. Bill Pardy : Hey Kylie, why don't you tell Ms. Grant that story 'bout how I saved you from that deer? Shortly after, Brenda is torn apart from the inside as her enormous clutch breaks free, swarming over the posse members and slithering towards town where they go about infecting the population.

Jack MacReady [Under his breath] 

He then locks Brenda away in a barn out in the woods where he feeds her the raw meat he's been gathering. I always regretted that. The posse follow the mutant Grant into the woods and come across the barn where Brenda has been held. Bill Pardy One night, Grant becomes frustrated when his wife Starla isn't in the mood for intimacy. [as Bill goes out where the worms are]  Bill, Starla and MacReady avoid being infected as they keep their mouths shut to keep the slugs from entering. No it isn't!

Starla Grant Oh yeah. Bill Pardy Starla Grant Movie Morgue Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Bill saved me from a deer. | Bill Pardy Starla notices this and attempts to use it to her advantage, keeping Grant distracted while Bill Pardy and Kylie Strutemyer attempt to get close enough to kill him. Bet you regret not running off to Hollywood with me now, eh, Bill? During a stake-out, they find Grant out in a field dragging a cow into the woods. He's a goddamn Martian? Meanwhile, Grant returns home where he makes his "nest".

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