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She was the second wife of Alf Roberts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The court rule in Renee's favour because she can offer wine to the local community. Renee and Alf decide to move away to the countryside. Renee is taken to hospital and dies in surgery. Renee visits her brother, Terry Bradshaw (Bob Mason) and notices that the Corner Shop is for sale. Roberts as Miss Gatsby in Fawlty Towers. Reporters from Inside Soap and the Sunday Mail have branded Renee's death as shocking. Sibling(s) After a discussion, they agreed that they weren't serious about marrying, but continued to court into 1978. I thought she was a good character, good for the Street.

Renee blamed Gail for pushing Terry away and leaving her on her own. This set her against Rovers Return Inn landlady Annie Walker, who feared her profits would be affected and put forth her case in court that the Rovers already fulfilled the neighbours' alcoholic needs.

They married me off to Alf hoping that would work but it was constant bickering. They branded Renee the "kindly shopkeeper" who dies in "a grisly crash which shocked viewers". [6][7] They go on to share two years of marital life together.
But Alf becomes aggressive towards Renee for interfering. 1977 saw Renee become close to GPO man and Councillor Alf Roberts. Fortunately, she and Annie made peace over the matter and both were welcome in each other's establishments. [15] Paul Byrne and Steve Dennis of the Daily Record reported that Mosley was "flooded" with cards from viewers after Renee's death. When the police and ambulance arrived, Renee was taken to hospital and underwent emergency surgery but died in the operating theatre from a ruptured spleen and liver. More Coronation Street Past And Present Wiki. Coronation Street Past And Present Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. An inquest confirms her death as an accident. [20] A reporter from Inside Soap described her as Coronation Street's "much loved shopkeeper" and added that she had a shocking death., Renee was proud of running an efficient, reliable service in the shop. [1] Podmore told Daran Little in his book "The Coronation Street story" that "without a more mature shop staff, the nitty gritty of conversation and tittle-tattle were never going to bounce around its walls.

She liked the shop and the area, and felt that she would be looking out for her brother by providing him with his own flat. Alf becomes annoyed and orders Renee to exchange seats, but a lorry hits the car. trial period, bought it from Renee was a very strong-minded and determined woman, and was She is an actress, known for Nearest and Dearest (1968), Coronation Street (1960) and Nearest and Dearest (1972). She was played by Madge Hindle. [13] In his book "Coronation Street", Jack Tinker said that Renee's death was a "salutary lesson, perhaps, to all wives who accept driving lessons from their husbands, for it was in the middle of the inevitable row that the tragedy occurred. He believed that in order to recreate it, a new mature female should be introduced. [18] A Daily Record columnist chose the episode that Alf proposes to Renee as their "drama choice" in a "pick of the day" feature. Immediately taking out a loan from the bank, Renee made Gordon Clegg an offer for the shop and bought it after a two week trial.
Last appearance He originally planned the character of Renee to be independent, fun and feisty – an ideal to spar with pub landlady Annie Walker (Doris Speed) over alcohol sales. [2] She accepted the part but had reservations over Renee's characterisation and forced change. [9], In one storyline Renee accompanies Alf, Fred Gee (Fred Feast) and Mavis Wilton (Thelma Barlow) on a fishing trip. Duration Location manager Gordon McKeller was unaware and put brandy in Barlow's cups of tea.

When Annie tries to blockade it in court, Renee starts a petition and wins the case. [1] He was unhappy with the show's Corner Shop set and decided to implement changes. Occupation She previously starred in Nearest and Dearest which Podmore directed and he contacted Hindle offering her the role. [12] Hindle did not require a stunt double to film her final scenes. However, her driving infuriated him and when she stalled the car at some road works in a narrow lane, Alf got out of the car and insisted on driving himself. Renee asked Bet to move back in, thus making the flat unavailable for Daisy, as Renee and Alf didn't want to have to put up with her. Renee Roberts Her bossiness caused lazy Tricia to leave the area and get her own back on Renee by reporting her for opening late and selling non-perishable goods on Sundays.

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