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Due to the very rough history of this beautiful blockchain, namely the closure of btc-e, dozens of exchange hacks and closures, as well as a couple of de-listings, we are in a situation today where nearly half of the monetary supply has not been moved for over two years and we can consider those coins lost for all intents and purposes.

Its flaws have been showing for a while now and only getting worse. However, the problem with this scheme is that minters would try to game the system and only mint when minting participation is low. If you are upgrading from v0.8, then you can resync the client by going into your Peercoin installation directory and deleting two folders called blocks and chainstate (nothing else), and then restarting your client to let it resync.
RFC-0017 is just a consequence of RFC-11, and it stops minters from going offline for longer than a year and coming back to mint. Facebook The shift to a modern codebase eases the integration of tooling developed for our cousin blockchains like Bitcoin-core, Bitcoin-cash, Bitcoin-SV and Litecoin. Thus, we came up with RFC-0018, which yields similar results, but keeps the reward calculation simple and prevents gaming of the algorithm. Team Update #43: Peercoin v0.9 (Codename Strider) Released - Hard Fork is June 8th, 2020 - Upgrade Today! For users upgrading from v0.7, we’ve included some additional instructions below. Now, F2Pool — which accounts for about 10% of the Bitcoin hashrate — is no longer signaling for SegWit2x. After reindexing is complete, the status message will change to “Processing blocks on disk.” This part of the process will take the longest to complete. Both the PoW and PoS aspects of the network have been modified. Final reminder: The upgrade deadline is planned for October 1st, 2019! Jamie Dimon: “I’m Not Going to Talk About Bitcoin Anymore”, Korea’s Largest Bitcoin Community Urges SegWit2x Supporters to Rescind Support, Dow Flat As Trump Warns About A Biden Stock Market Crash – Again, Dow Rises to Start the Week as China Leads Tepid Global Recovery, Dow Dives as Better Trump Polling Points to Turbulent Election, Dow Jumps 200 Points as Retail Sales Provide ‘Last Hurrah’ for Economy, Mysterious Group BitPico Threatens to Execute the Bitcoin Hard Fork. Team Update #43: Peercoin v0.9 (Codename Strider) Released - Hard Fork is June 8th, 2020 - Upgrade Today! Peercoin v0.9 Released! Cryptocurrency mining pool F2Pool has stopped signaling support for SegWit2x, potentially undermining the argument for the November implementation of the controversial scaling proposal. Limiting coinage disincentivizes extremely long term periodic minting, thereby making continuous minting more attractive. All current events of cryptocurrencies and search on them. For anyone who is having difficulty getting connections after upgrading, Backpacker suggests deleting peers.dat. The wallet should automatically load up and in the bottom left corner you will see a status message that says “Reindexing blocks on disk.” This should only last for a short time. For users upgrading from v0.8, upgrade instructions can also be found on that page. that their support only carried through until July; if the hard fork had not been implemented by then, they would no longer support the proposal. We are pleased to announce that after many hard months of work, Peercoin v0.9 (Codename Strider) is complete and a hard fork is planned for Monday, June 8th, 2020 at 12:00:00 UTC. You must upgra… In May, F2Pool joined virtually every significant mining operation in signing the New York Agreement, the Barry Silbert-led proposal that sought to solidify consensus for SegWit2x, a protocol upgrade that supporters say will help the Bitcoin network scale to manage larger volumes of transactions more efficiently. You can read more about the change here. first block taking advantage of new pos rewards Peercoin Randy Vittorini, Brand Manager.

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Editor: Aaron Weaver – aaron.weaver@ccn.comFinancial Editor: Sam Bourgi – sam.bourgi@ccn.comDirector and Founder: Jonas Borchgrevink -jonas.borchgrevink@ccn.comHR and Recruiting: Pamela Meropiali – pamela.meropiali@ccn.comSales Manager: Pankaj Upadhyay – This was not a surprise. It also enables the activation of the SegWit protocol extension and opens the road to second-layer scaling (Lightning Network). I’m here because I know Peercoin, both as a blockchain and a cryptocurrency, are superior to most of the garbage that is being pushed today. 5.1 Mission. within the ecosystem, making it appear likely that the Bitcoin network will split into two different, competing blockchains in mid-November. An error message will display upon first upgrade. In my personal opinion, RFC-0011 is a great idea, probably the best idea thrown around here in the last couple of years, but ultimately it’s too complex and we could not get consensus about it.

Method: Proof-of-stake: Peercoin is based on an August 2012 paper which listed the authors as Scott Nadal and Sunny King. Try checking out the 5 part intro series we recently produced with Chronos here…. After undergoing a decline for most of the year, the Peercoin price catapulted by nearly 40% in a single day. Users on this blockchain are responsible for verifying transactions and securing the network based on the number of coins each user holds. rm ~/.peercoin/wallet.dat Installation instructions for new users can also be found on that page. 6. Meanwhile, SegWit2x proponents continued to include F2Pool’s hashrate in their assertion that the hard fork had support from 95% of the total mining power.

The Peercoin Foundation. Though F2Pool had signed the New York Agreement, they. Long story short, the network will reward active minters more, while keeping the overall inflation around 1%. PPC Price: $0.26510574. We cover financial markets, business, politics, showbiz, sports, and gaming. /home/folder/peercoin-0.8.2/bin/peercoin-qt -rescan.

Before installation, make sure to backup your wallet from the main menu. Address: Drengsrudhagen 6, 1385, Asker, Norway. Proof-of-Work changes are rather minimal; in summary target block spacing has been set to 60 minutes, rather than having dynamic PoW block spacing target. Other places to follow us: The network has now forked. Just click “OK” and you will be taken to the next step in the process. Do you want to rebuild the block database now? The basic principle of RFC-0011 was the following: the Peercoin network promises a steady inflation of 1% on monetary supply, and if you want a cut of it: mint. After this, you will get an error message that says the following…. CCN – Capital & Celeb News, also known as CCN Markets, CCN, and, is a global news site with journalists in the U.S., UK, Europe, and Asia. LinkedIn Whats the procedure for upgrading 0.7 on stakebox? .deb packages seem to be available in the github repo…. However, a significant portion of the bitcoin community — including Bitcoin Core developers — oppose the SegWit2x hard fork, which has led to an increasingly-contentious debate within the ecosystem, making it appear likely that the Bitcoin network will split into two different, competing blockchains in mid-November. For the minority of users that may have skipped v0.8 and are upgrading from v0.7 or earlier, please check these additional instructions from the previous v0.8 release thread as you will need to go through the additional process of rebuilding your block database. Unlike previous versions where I could just run it by clicking on …/bin/peercoin-qt, this time I had to either drag-n-drop or type out the location to run via terminal, after that it would start up fine. Note your balance from the v0.7 wallet before starting the upgrade procedure. Noting these developments, some analysts theorize that traders and investors are skeptical that SegWit2x will execute the hard fork next month, leading to the present rally that has lifted the bitcoin price to a new all-time high above $5,200. If you want to come chat or need help, come say hi to our team and community on Telegram/Discord. This is actually a normal part of the upgrade procedure from v0.7. To stay informed as we get closer to the hard fork date, you can follow the latest Peercoin news on our forums, our Twitter, or our Reddit. @Sunny_King Hacked – Protection against online Abuse and Cybercrime. The reason for Peercoin existing is because we do not believe Bitcoin is going to survive. The only thing that lets me down are people who endlessly complain without putting in any effort. Block spacing is currently approximately 60 minutes anyway, so this may not sound like a big change, but it stops some PoW pools from trying to game the system. Chief Editor: Samburaj Das – samburaj@ccn.comU.S. I’ll assume I am in a niche minority when I say I am running Linux Mint as an OS, but in any event I was using version 8.3 at the time of first running the new Peercoin v0.8. I just updated my Stakebox to v0.8.4 with no problem.

@backpacker69 @peerchemist @EvgenijM86 @Buckkets @Sunny_King @sandakersmann. Don’t worry. Is there any upgrade for the nano ledger wallet? That changed on Thursday when mining pool F2Pool officially stopped signaling for SegWit2x. After doing so I would find myself with the same problem, in which case I figured to just wait for the .deb to be released…, … but, when trying to upload my backup wallet I ran into a different issue. Other changes are minor and do not change the behavior of the network. @Nagalim While Peercoin v0.8 (Mantis) was largely about modernizing the codebase and improving the technical capabilities of the reference node software, the v0.9 (Strider) development cycle was about the economics of the Peercoin cryptocurrrency. Download Link:, Final reminder: The upgrade deadline is planned for June 8th, 2020 at 12:00:00 UTC, For anyone who may be having problems, we have added in this piece to the instructions…, it needs to be said that all testnet nodes must resync from scratch.

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