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Documents indicate that the man is John Harmon, heir to a vast fortune amassed from dust heaps (mounds of discarded rubbish and coal dust, which could be both scavenged for valuables and resold to be recycled into new materials). Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC.

The nineteen monthly installments were written in 1864 and 1865, and as a whole are viewed as one of the author’s more sophisticated tomes with its satirical edge and social commentary. When miserly old Harmon dies in London, he is alone in the … Both men die while struggling together.

The discovery of the body and the surprising transfer of the fortune also sends ripples of impact through a wide-ranging cast of characters of very different backgrounds. However, Lizzie is able to rescue Wrayburn, and the two marry while he recovers from his injuries. If John Harmon refused to do so, the fortune passed to Noddy Boffin, an employee who had faithfully served the Harmon family for decades. Our Mutual Friend essays are academic essays for citation. The first is that he is actually John Harmon: on the night he returned to England he was drugged, attacked, and dumped in the river, but managed to survive.

Finally, Boffin fires his secretary for no reason, leading Bella to call him out for having become a cruel man, and leave the Boffin household.

The death also seriously impacts another family: the woman old Mr. Harmon had selected as a bride for his son is Bella Wilfer, the daughter of a modest clerk. Furious that his plan has failed, Headstone attacks Riderhood, who was implicated in the near murder of Harmon and has been helping him with his plot to kill Wrayburn. After they have been married for some time and Bella has given birth to a daughter, John reveals two major secrets to her. His father, Old Mr. Harmon, was notoriously cold and greedy, and had alienated his son, leading to John Harmon living abroad for years. Our Mutual Friend study guide contains a biography of Charles Dickens, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. When he died, old Mr. Harmon's will had stipulated that his son could only inherit the fortune if he married a woman of his father's choosing.

Not affiliated with Harvard College. GradeSaver "Our Mutual Friend Summary". Rokesmith proposes to Bella, but she refuses because she is preoccupied with marrying a wealthy man.

Our Mutual Friend opens with a grim scene: the discovery of a dead body in the river Thames.

As a reward for his services, Boffin offers Silas Wegg the chance to live at the former Harmon residence, since he has now moved to a fashionable mansion, but Wegg uses this opportunity to search the property for something he can use against Boffin. The Question and Answer section for Our Mutual Friend is a great

Documents indicate that the man is John Harmon, heir to a vast fortune amassed from dust heaps (mounds of discarded rubbish and coal dust, which could be both scavenged for valuables and resold to be recycled into new materials). These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens.

Perhaps most alarmingly, Boffin is becoming increasingly paranoid and obsessive about his fortune, which leads him to cruelly mistreat his secretary. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Meanwhile, Headstone's jealousy leads him to attack and nearly kill Wrayburn, whom he has identified as his rival for Lizzie's affection. He and the Boffins also tricked her by having Mr. Boffin pretend to be greedy and cruel in order to see if Bella was truly a good person. Like many of his earlier novels, such as A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations, Charles Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend originally appeared in serialized form. She and John marry, since she now understands that love is more important than money.

Now that she has shown her faithfulness and integrity, the Boffins return the Harmon fortune to the young couple. GradeSaver, Our Mutual Friend and The Staplehurst Incident, Read the Study Guide for Our Mutual Friend…, Satire of the Nouveaux-Riches in Our Mutual Friend, How Dickens Presents Marriage in "Our Mutual Friend". As time passes, the fallout from the Harmon murder seems to lead largely to greed, manipulation, and plots of betrayal. The body is discovered by a man named Gaffer Hexam who makes a living retrieving bodies from the river, but this particular discovery casts suspicions on whether he might have had something to do with the death, and those suspicions are publicized and promoted by another riverman, Rogue Riderhood.

Our Mutual Friend Summary Our Mutual Friend opens with a grim scene: the discovery of a dead body in the river Thames. With the ruling of John Harmon's death, Boffin and his wife are suddenly elevated to vast wealth and high social standing. Wegg's plot against Boffin is foiled, and he is cast out.

Last but not least, shortly after the discovery of the body, a secretive man named John Rokesmith first takes lodgings at the Wilfer house, and then is later hired by Mr. Boffin to act as his private secretary. Two lawyers, Mortimer Lightwood and Eugene Wrayburn, are involved in the recovery of the body and the confirmation of the identity; as a result of this process, Wrayburn observes Gaffer's young daughter Lizzie, and is struck by her beauty.

Rokesmith has to use his position as secretary to try and protect Boffin from the many socially climbing individuals who would exploit him for his fortune; subplots demonstrate the greed and treachery of the fashionable world, such as when a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Lammle discover after their marriage that each has been trying to trick the other, and then go on to plot how to exploit vulnerable heiresses with the help of a con man named Fledgeby. Previous to the attack he had switched clothes with another sailor, which led to the confusion of identities, and John took advantage of this opportunity to see what Bella was truly like.

The rise of the Boffins creates a social stir among a circle of new money London families who cluster around the wealthy and socially ambitious Veneerings; it also impacts a street peddler named Silas Wegg, who is hired by Boffin to come and read to him. Hexam is also found drowned in the river; his son Charley has been sent away to school, but has fallen under the influences of a schoolmaster named Bradley Headstone who becomes obsessed with Lizzie.

Her prospects of becoming very wealthy upon her marriage are now destroyed, and Mr. and Mrs. Boffin show sympathy for her situation by having her come and live with them.

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