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Eliot himself hired him, having to help rescue him from a dangerous capture scenario.

Sterling stood where he thought he was out of Eliot's reach.

Eliot sneered as he began herding everyone into the elevator. First Appearance

"When I looked up and you were standing there with food for the team it … It … Meant a lot … You, believin' in me. There’s a keen sense of loss echoing in his sternum, but he smothers it.

Hardison reminded them.

"You're friends lives hang in the balance, and you're going to take your cues off a punch-up artist instead of me?" There was no way that it could ever come true.

You keep that up, and it's no breakfast for you." First bomb's always the hardest. "We're not calling the cops.

Seeing nothing on Eliot's face, Quinn stopped. Clayne’s Character: Mr Quinn/Quinn is hired by Sterling to take out Eliot in ‘The First David Job’. "They really don't know you, do they?"


God, they both need to start being smarter about the jobs they agree to.

The younger hitter was still laughing as Eliot shut the bathroom door. With Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf. your own Pins on Pinterest

"Get him upstairs." Eliot talked over the older man.

I won't say anything."

I shouldn't really be surprised but I think it narks me a little bit because I actually do enjoy the show and want it to be better in the glaringly obvious ways in which it is weak. Can this relationship survive?

Mr. Quinn: [to Chaos] How many fingers do you need to type? "Leverage Quotes." Nate tried to make light of the situation, but Maggie refused to be drawn into their usual squabbling. Seeing he wasn't going to get a rise out of his ex-wife, he turned to Eliot for a sit-rep. Hardison finished explaining about Eliot having him speed up the elevators so he could stop them long enough for Parker to exchange the bomb for the egg.

he really means "I'm sorry. Money and power and greed can make a person do things that they shouldn’t. Round down. Crime, Mystery, Thriller. She'd had a soft spot for Eliot since they first met, when he played Adam Sinclair, art appraiser. "Nate, he's hired some local security on the payroll … Watch yourself.". Next are you going to tell us about that time you punched Hitler in the face?

", Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (28), Alec Hardison & Parker & Eliot Spencer (3), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, and i will love (you've run your race; now walk with me), eliot gets a heart attack for his birthday, Romantic Hitter Husbands Weekend GetawayTM, (don't think I can take anymore) wasted days and sleepless nights, the inherent vulnerability of sleeping with someone, down like new york city (wild like los angeles), fun in a minute (when we could push all the limits), I Solemnly Swear that I am Not John Rogers. You know I only use violence as … As a … As a … As an appropriate response.". Quinn felt the heart he had hardened on the other side of the glass, melt as Eliot's assigning him to watch over Parker said, 'I love and trust you', louder than any words.

Eliot gets Quinn in on a job that ends up going sideways. A quick change of clothes and Eliot herded the youngest members of the team into the van while Nate and Tara rode with Sterling. "Guys, we gotta book it ... Our flight to Kiev leaves in three hours." And yet, all he can think is don’t make me do this. Getting off the elevator with bags of food, he heard the sounds of Nate bickering with Maggie. "Ah … Ah … Ah… My turn to talk." Eliot kept stealing looks at Sterling. Eliot reminds Quinn that he was unconscious for the end of their last fight in "The Last Dam Job." Parker bounced excitedly on Quinn's ribs. Unlike Alec Hardison's personal rivalry with his counterpart Colin "Chaos" Mason, Quinn and Eliot have a very professional relationship and respect one another's work, but their recent bosses have conflicts and by default, they are presented as enemies. (3 times Eliot seeks shelter + the 1 time he actually finds it). Parker rolled her eyes as the others tried not to laugh. Colin Mason:

He'd shouted. "Alright." 2012: “Leverage” – 4.18 ‘The Last Dam Job’ 2009: “Leverage” – ‘Anatomy of a Stunt Fight’ Show Summary: A crew of high-tech crooks attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen.

Discover (and save!) The comforter was absolutely headed to the laundry. Then he made a mistake. The corners of his mouth quirked up as he settled back against the wall. If that ill conceived job he'd contracted from Sterling had taught the younger hitter anything, it was that Eliot took the protection of 'his' people very seriously. Quinn looked up when the bell rang over the door. The only thing here was hot sex, great food, and the possibility of one day standing on the opposite side of a job from Eliot. Maggie turned on the charm. Eliot had given him a red painted smile, two broken ribs, and left him unconscious on the hangar floor with a concussion.

Nate said be at the bar by six.". The ringing of the phone was all that saved Sterling from the beat down he was heading toward. Since Sophie went walkabout, the mastermind spent an obsessive amount of time trying to control his remaining team. His answer seemed to agitate Sterling. Quinn straightened from his slouch when he saw Nate kick Eliot's ankle for flirting with the waitress. Now they have to stay alive and awake enough to make it back to rendezvous with only a pair of working legs between them. "Winner, winner, chicken dinner."

Discover (and save!) What was he doing … Why was he even here? It only took a few minutes for Eliot to explain the plan to the mastermind.

He'd just finished when Tara came around the corner. "Only if you stop bouncing on his ribs so he can breathe, Parker." Hardison was about to be one lucky bastard.

Affiliation Quinn and Eliot played nearly identical roles in the final showdown. However, Sterling's scheme was (somewhat) foiled by the Leverage team.

Eliot turned away and walked to stand with his teammates. "Sterling, I'm the retrieval specialist.

Straightening his shoulders, Eliot turned back to the room. "Nate looked from Sterling to Eliot.

He said following Quinn back to their booth as Tara gave him a considering look. She demanded. Once everyone was inside the Embassy, Quinn looked at the hacker.

Quinn is nineteen when he meets Eliot Spencer. He draws the line at actually falling asleep with Eliot. Quinn.". Hardison wasn't the only one getting lucky later. He was sent to take on hitter Eliot Spencer, and actually achieved a victory. But, after the job’s done and the money’s wired he gives Quinn his phone number. When he opened his eyes he saw the familiar sun streaked, brown head on his chest. When the call ended, Sterling pulled out his phone and started to dial. ", "Oh and if you see Parker, tell her, too.".

We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Quinn watched Tara throw a look questioning Parker about Eliot's ability. Quinn sipped his beer, relegating Hardison's attempt to explain vacations to Parker into the background as he watched Eliot try to relax while Nate sorted through file folders. The shirt is probably the lesser of two evils, because Quinn’s pants are made of leather, and they are obscenely tight. Eliot pulled the younger man in for a proper good morning kiss. Real Name Eliot sat apart from everyone, telling Quinn he didn't trust Tara, and made the younger man wonder what the team dynamic had been like before Sophie left. "For the most part ... Nate does, Parker's got an inkling."

When Quinn slid into the truck beside Eliot, blue-grey eyes blazed at his presence. Spent plenty of it holed up with all kinds, too. Spoilers: The Zanzibar Marketplace & The Second David Job – actual dialogue from the episodes quoted. For all he knows he could be driving right into a goddamn field of landmines — he just knows that Quinn needs him and needs him now and fuck, if that’ll be what kills Eliot, then so be it. Our executive management team provides strategic and organizational leadership while reinforcing the values and pursuing the vision on which we are built. Eliot knew that it was an impossible dream.

He paused and looked away, biting his lip.

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Naturally, the Leverage team decides to expand their business model (and their cover) by turning the rest of the building into a hostel.

Archie Leach:

With a quick twist, he had Eliot pinned to the bed.

"Not cash.".

He grumbled. Hands on hips, he dared Sterling to argue. Mr. Quinn/Eliot Spencer (Leverage) Mr. Quinn (Leverage) Eliot Spencer (Leverage) Light BDSM; Aftercare; Hair Brushing; Summary.

Wasn't the only reason he was fucking Eliot was to learn what made Eliot Spencer top of the retrieval specialist heap so he could knock him off?

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