manhunter vs red dragon

Graham departs their meeting calmly, if unhappily, and keeps going back to Lecter repeatedly throughout the narrative, their relationship never evolving over time. PelleCreepy, 31 Days of Halloween In Manhunter, he only succeeds in catching the killer by successfully thinking as he does, and grows as a character by balancing his empathy for the abused child along with his moral outrage at the adult that child became.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. How do they tackle the same storyline differently? Far from ruining anything, he made an excellent film. As always in these movies, all roads lead to Lecter and Graham will find himself in front of his nemesis once again. The role is loud and brash, almost out of control; but Hopkins never loses his grip on Lecter and no matter how wild he gets he’s still in sync with the rest of the material, never overshadowing it. It’s practically apples and oranges, here. Hoffman’s portrayal in that scene seemed more pathetic, though. But, all that aside, the performance Anthony Hopkins delivers isn’t his best as Hannibal.

Even his incarceration doesn’t seem to particularly faze him. The biggest problem modern remakes/adaptations have is hemming too close to the source material, having to hit-off a check list of “has to be in” moments and quotes until the movie becomes a game of Trope Bingo.

With Hopkins, he’s more like an anti-hero at this point in the eyes of the audience, so instead of not wanting him to succeed, you don’t want him to get CAUGHT. Norton’s Will only gets a shot of his sweat-drenched shirt while he waits for Lecter to interpret the case. Hopkins had the advantage of already appearing in two movies before this one, so audiences were familiar with his Hannibal and he almost has that sort of Freddy Krueger vibe; he’s supposed to be the bad guy but viewers love him so much they inadvertently root for him. This ended up being a harder pick than I expected, but nonetheless Mann wins. We re-stage plays all the time, adding different time periods, costumes, and interpretations; why not movies? Email Well, save for the ending. Lecter’s relationship with Graham is the same as his relationship with Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs.

Thematically the biggest difference is that Mann takes the story’s theme of empathy and runs with it, while Ratner uses it as an occasional plot device to aid in telling his potboiler. I think remakes get a bad rap, I really do. It’s also subtle (subtler than most films made in Hollywood anyway), which is something I’d never thought possible from a guy who directed two of the only four real life Looney Toon characters on the planet: Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan (The other two being Robin Williams and Jim Carrey FYI). Let’s start with two Hannibal Lecter movies: Michael Mann’s Manhunter from 1986 and Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon from 2002. I still wouldn’t want to be in the same state as either Francis. Red Dragon just plays, as Mark stated, like the first installment in a trilogy, and I’d argue it plays like the worst of the three. While Noonan came off like a scary monster, Fiennes is more akin to Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs (though I do think Bill balanced sympathetic and f-----g horrifying a bit better). But on the other hand, I really enjoyed seeing how he was captured by Graham; the prologue to Red Dragon was a pretty great sequence that appeased audience’s appetites for Hannibal while also organically introducing us to Will and his backstory. Mann also wrote the screenplay and so far as adaptations go, Manhunter sticks to the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris fairly closely. He could have played this in a coma. Manhunter annoys me with its overuse of score, being obnoxiously 80s, and I prefer Elfman’s score for Red Dragon. I never thought of the man as an “artiste” in the least and, to be honest, never thought this was going to work, but when I’m wrong, I’m wrong. There’s no context to that scene in Manhunter, whereas Red Dragon set it all up, so you can appreciate the impact (Dolarhyde listening to her, empathizing with her and doing something thoughtful and sweet for her). In-depth movie review, featured posts, and advertisements. But the majority of remakes, like the majority of movies and indeed all art forms in general, suck really, really, really hard. If you’ve ever used the word “Coke” as a synonym for “soda,” you know that this works. Red Dragon the movie is literally an interpretation of the book. In “Manhunter”, the character is called Hannibal Lecktor (Mann changed the spelling for some reason.) Sean: Brian Cox is an amazing actor. The characters are stronger (save maybe Will Graham) and the experience is far more psychological. Hopkins wants to draw you in, Cox is actively dismissive and antagonistic. After that awful "Mod Squad" movie, people were dreading this one. With Graham’s character established, each film eventually begins cutting between his efforts to catch the killer and the killer himself, Francis Dolarhyde (Tom Noonan, later Ralph Fiennes). eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'filmthreat_com-box-4','ezslot_8',113,'0','0'])); The First And Most Chilling Chapter in the Hannibal Lecter Triology.

I bet you didn’t know that Lecter is the anglicized French pronunciation for “Reader”? When Graham and Dolarhyde have their showdown in Florida, Graham uses his knowledge of the killer’s mind more pragmatically than how Manhunter’s Graham just went plain psycho. So I guess I’m cheating by throwing in qualifiers for the films, but I think Manhunter is the better popcorn flick to toss in if you’re looking to kill 2 hours, while Red Dragon is the superior movie to watch as part of a more involved landscape of storytelling. Brett Ratner’s movie obviously had a mandate to include as much Hannibal Lecter as possible, as evidenced by a prologue showing the fateful night in which Graham caught him, and a coda which segues directly into his first appearance in The Silence of the Lambs. You see so much more of that in Peterson than you do with Norton. That alone qualifies him as a genius in my book.

Red Dragon’s Dolarhyde, his attraction to her is genuinely a romantic and personal one. But with Dolarhyde, both executions had their advantages.

If Michael Myers (and by proxy, Jason Voorhees) functions as the modern equivalent of Frankenstein, then Lecter is our Dracula. Manhunter plays like more of an action film, and Red Dragon plays more like a psychological thriller: but I like both types of films, so I can’t just pick the genre I prefer, because I like both fairly equally! I did enjoy the additional scenes Dolarhyde got in Red Dragon and when I watched Manhunter I kinda felt like a chunk of story was conspicuously missing (the bit where Fiennes eats the painting was a little silly, but it did illustrate his final descent into madness whereas Noonan was always crazy and rarely conflicted). From a plot perspective Manhunter and Red Dragon are largely similar, but Michael Mann took more liberties with the source material, mostly in an effort to showcase Will Graham as the clear protagonist. Skip to the top of the page, search this site, or read the article again,, %3Cem%3ERed+Dragon%3C%2Fem%3E+vs.+%3Cem%3EManhunter%3C%2Fem%3E,, one of nicole's favourite franchises of all time.

I don’t think you were supposed to *like* Graham, and even when Norton’s throwing a fit and clobbering Lounds, he doesn’t come off as scary or on the brink.

Personal preference makes me choose Cox because of the creepy disassociation he shows towards others, as if the simple fact that he’s smarter than everyone has made him not quite human anymore. While I think Ed Norton is a better actor in general, William Peterson does a fantastic job bringing energy to a character which always struck me as being somewhat low key. I think both endings were tailored to their films ideally since both films ultimately wound up being so different. You watch its sequels “Silence of The Lambs” and Hannibal back to back and you’re in familiar-ish territory. Twitter. Manhunter vs. Red Dragon: The Superior Hannibal Lecter Flick, 'Tremors: Shrieker Island' review: Goofy fun, 'Blinders' review: Seemingly standard thriller with strong story beats, 'Bad Hair' review: Fake hair and real scares, 'Cadaver' review: Netflix horror from Norway delivers interesting story, '32 Malasana Street' review: Haunted house story based on true events comes to Shudder, 'The Second Sun' review: Romantic drama does everything it should, 'Synchronic' review: Anthony Mackie looks back without rose tinted glasses, 'The State of Texas vs. Melissa' review: Documentary spreads same sad message, 'Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy' review. You could take Dolarhyde out of Manhunter, and I think the film would still flourish. The book was adapted to the screen twice. In the end, he bests Dolarhyde by exploiting his frailties rather than empathizing with them, and as such anything resembling a “point” is lost and the film pretty much falls apart as anything other than an unusually well cast “B-Movie,” focused more on now familiar genre conventions than the kind of meaningful insight Michael Mann was able to infuse into the same, intense storyline. In Manhunter, Graham comes to learn what, exactly, Dolarhyde thinks he is transforming into through the act of murdering people he desired: a creature capable of being desired himself. Mann’s film offers a cool palette of blues and whites, while Ratner’s film favors grimy greys and warm, fireside reds. While I admire Ratner’s remake, he had “Silence of the Lambs” and “Hannibal” to use as a template. It’s very slick, and the Oscar was deserved. Manhunter, in every single way.

In a perfect world we could take both flicks, throw them into a Telepod and amalgamate them into the ideal adaptation, but we live in a sucky universe. Anyone? Even though he’s trying to get a woman and a child killed. Edward Norton does a good job too, don’t get me wrong, but there is some element that seems somewhat phoned in about Norton’s performance. Manhunter was kind of inspired by Red Dragon the book. Confidential and The Quick and the Dead, and his work on both of these movies is impressive despite the contrasting styles. As for Red Dragon, pretend it never existed. Indeed, the saving grace of Red Dragon may just be Ralph Fiennes bat s--t portrayal of an utterly bat s--t character. By admin | April 5, 2005 Share. The scene plays almost identically across both versions, but the audience’s reaction is totally opposite. There’s just no contest. Meh, don’t feel bad, because I don’t either. Perhaps the reason it’s so palatable when compared to Bret Ratner’s other output is because he is very obviously trying to crib the look and feel of Jonathan Demme’s work on Silence of the Lambs. Red Dragon was released in 2002, and directed by Brett Ratner, who also directed the Rush Hour films and X-Men: The Last Stand (not getting off to a great start). Instead, he uses what he knew about Dolarhyde’s relationship with his mother (something Manhunter didn’t really touch on) against him.

It permeates throughout the entire film, and is enhanced by the foregrounding of Will Graham as a character. Dolarhyde thinks he’s achieved that state when Reba appears to love him, but finally projects his own insecurities onto her and assumes that she has betrayed him. But Manhunter is more fun and, while I wouldn’t say lighter, it’s easier to rewatch. Trailers, 31 Days of Halloween

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