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[Sanguozhi 6], Cao Cao led an army to Tong Pass to attack Ma Chao and the coalition, culminating in the Battle of Tong Pass. Lu Yi | Ma Chao had a concubine, Lady Dong (董氏), who bore him a son named "Ma Qiu" (馬秋).

But before too long, Cao Cao grew afraid for his general and ordered his army to attack and so Ma Chao's forces moved in and crushed Cao Cao's assault. He successfully defends Cheng Du but once again suffers betrayal when Liu Zhang joins Cao Cao. Ma Teng was appointed Commandant of the Palace Guards in the capital after having more disagreements with Han Sui, and Ma Teng's family moved near the capital in Ye. He leads a cavalry armed with crossbows and is a good offensive warrior. He lamented about Ma Chao's murdering of Wei Kang and forceful occupation of Liang Province: "[...] Ma Chao betrayed his father, rebelled against the Emperor, and massacred the officers in our province. Is this the famous Red Hare? In addition, there is some hypocrisy in his actions, as refuses to forgive Cao Cao for killing his father yet is baffled that Wang Yi "still holds a grudge" against him for slaughtering her family. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei heard Ma Chao's colloquial etiquette and were so outraged they wanted to kill Ma Chao. [Sanguozhi 21], Chen Shou, who wrote Ma Chao's biography in the Sanguozhi, commented on the latter as such: "Ma Chao's arrogance and overestimation of his ability caused the extermination of his entire clan. Bao Long | Ma Chao is a playable and historical character featured in Total War: Three Kingdoms. When Liu Bei loses Guan Yu, Ma Chao tries to convince his lord to avoid seeking vengeance since it will only repeat the cycle of hatred.

Zhang Fei | After participating in Liu Bei's Hanzhong campaign and Liu Bei made himself King of Hanzhong, Ma Chao was made General of the Left. That is all I have to say." His earliest chronological appearance would be during his family's revolt in Liang Province against Dong Zhuo. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Within ten days of arrival, Liu Zhang surrendered Yi province to Liu Bei, Ma Chao was made General who Pacifies the West. For more than 200 bouts they fought with neither one gaining the advantage nor losing strength, returning only briefly to gain new steeds. "[notes 4][Sanguozhi 26]. The first was Lady Yang (楊氏), who was with him when he seized control of Liang Province after the Battle of Tong Pass. [Sanguozhi 11][Sanguozhi zhu 10], Ma Chao returned to Hanzhong after his defeat at Mount Qi and sought shelter under Zhang Lu. He also appears as a prominent character in Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, as one of the Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei. His determined proclamations are not always appreciated by his listeners from his home or from rival armies since he often yells the loudest in Shu's army.

[Sanguozhi zhu 2], In 202, when Cao Cao was on a series of campaigns to unify northern China after his victory over Yuan Shao at the Battle of Guandu two years ago, he ordered Zhong Yao to attack Yuan's allies Gao Gan and Guo Yuan in Pingyang (平陽). Ma Chao appears in each of the Three Kingdoms' Story Modes in Dynasty Warriors 7. Ma Chao (176–222), Mengqi, was a military general and warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period.
Ma Chao (馬超), courtesy Ma Mengqi (馬孟起), is a main character from the third series: K.O.3an Guo. He also moves to support Guan Yu in his final battle at Maicheng. Knowing that Zhang Lu has no sympathy for the remnants of Xiliang, Zhuge Liang and Fa Zheng desire to have him join Liu Bei during their attack at Chengdu. Zhong Hui | Ma Chao's obsession for revenge for the death of his father leads him to attack Cao Cao at Tong Gate, but he is unable to see through his target's disguise and gets repelled by Xu Zhu in turn.

Filled with a warrior's pride, Ma Chao is a straightforward man who believes in making his future with his own power. Cao Cao immediately tore off his red dress and continued fleeing but before too long he heard more people crying "Cao Cao is he with the long beard" at which point Cao Cao cut his beard but someone also saw this and shouted to Ma Chao that he had sawed off his beard, so Ma Chao demanded that all people with short beards were to be captured, hearing this Cao Cao wrapped a part of a flag around his chin and fled only narrowly escaping with the help of Cao Hong and Xu Chu.

Ma Chao beat his chest, coughed blood, and said to his relative, "A big family with over a hundred members all sharing the same fate in one day. He is romanticized as a heroic warrior in the 14th century novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Occupation Han Sui | Bu Xie |

He's also earned the nickname Ma Chao the Splendid due to his magnificent armour. The original name for his Standard blade notes he has the power to decimate soldiers on the field; the literal translation of these characters ("Ruin Army") is perhaps why its English name is named as such. Cao Hong | Jiang Shu | "The Battle of Tong Pass"/"The Battle at Tong Gate", is one of the more significant battles Ma Chao was in. Cao Jie |

Yan Jun | His father was Ma Teng, brothers were Ma Xiu and Ma Tie, and his children were Ma Cheng and a daughter. In the Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, Ma Chao is given the nickname of "The Justice Avenger" while the English version changes it to "The Defender of Justice". Though by all account still loyal to the Emperor, Cao Cao did not trust any of his political/military rivals, including other members of the Han, and so he exiled and/or slaughtered anyone who could theoretically challenge his position. During Cao Pi's DLC scenario, he is still the commander of the Shu forces based in Hanzhong. Taishi Ci | I entrust him to Your Majesty's care. He also appears as a prominent character in Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, as one of the Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei. Ma Chao later admitted he instinctively felt Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's killing intent nearby and correctly guessed the style name to be the cause. Zhang Lu agreed, but Ma Chao failed to make any gains from the campaign. Ma Chao hurries eastward to stop the strategist's plot. Ma Chao's family name "Ma" literally means "horse".

Ma Teng (father, deceased)Ma Yunlu (younger sister)Lady Yang (wife)Lady Dong (wife)At least one other wifeMa Dai (cousin)Ma Qiu (son)Ma Cheng (son)Ma Shi (daughter) He joins Shu from then on and participates in their Southern or Northern Campaigns.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms nicknames him "Ma Chao the Splendid" in ode to his magnificent armor and stalwart appearance.

[Sanguozhi 15], In 221, Liu Bei declared himself "Emperor of Shu Han" and appointed Ma Chao as "General of Agile Cavalry" (驃騎將軍) and Governor (牧) of Liang Province. Ma Chao is the son and heir of the warlord Ma Teng.

Hobby He besieged Jiang Xu, Zhao Ang (趙昂) and their allies at Mount Qi (祁山) for about 30 days until reinforcements led by Cao Cao's generals Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He showed up and lifted the siege. In his ending, he challenges Cao Pi and Sima Yi to an unknown conclusion. Ma Chao was made Lieutenant-General to lead Ma Teng's soldiers back in Liang province.

A firm believer of justice and heroics, he is always intent on declaring his intentions for all to hear. Cai Yong | Ma Chao would later have to flee to Zhang Lu, who thought about giving his daughter in marriage to him, but someone reminded, "A man like

Zhang Song |

He then declared himself "General Who Attacks the West" (征西將軍) and Governor (牧) of Bing Province, and took charge of military affairs in Liang Province. Not long after Xu Chu sent a written request for a duel with Ma Chao. Chen Ying | Find a worthy opponent.Defeat Cao Cao to avenge his father's death.Help Liu Bei to protect the Shu Kingdom. Fa Zheng | Cao Cao later followed Jia Xu's strategy to sow discord between Ma Chao and Han Sui, making them become suspicious of each other.

Suspecting that the warlord Cao Cao was plotting an attack against him, he formed an alliance with general Han Sui and formed a coalition army of 100,000 men, leading the attack at the Battle of Tong Pass in 211, but was defeated, forcing him to retreat West while seizing territory along the way.

However, he rebelled later and attacked the city of Chang'an but failed to conquer it so he retreated back to Liang Province.

His Skill spear implies he is a master of stallions and his skill chart in the same game depicts the upper body of a running steed. Emperor Xian |

He declares his wishes to join Liu Bei so he can avenge the death of his homeland. Before his death, he wrote to Liu Bei: "Over 200 members of my family were killed by Cao Cao. Gongsun Fan |

Liu Cong | "[Sanguozhi 23][notes 3][Sanguozhi 24], Yang Fu, one of the officials who opposed Ma Chao in Liang Province, once visited his colleague and cousin Jiang Xu (姜叙) and the latter's mother. You should die immediately.

Ding Jun. Due to the destruction, most of the Shu army is ordered to pull back to Baidi Castle. Ma Chao had at least two spouses. Ma Chao was appointed as a Lieutenant-General (偏將軍), granted the title of "Marquis of a Chief Village" (都亭侯), and placed in charge of his father's troops in Liang Province. His highest appointment was "General Who Pacifies the North" (平北將軍) and he also received the title of "Marquis of Chencang" (陳倉侯). Zhao Tong |

Ma Chao is featured in the Taiwanese television drama K.O.3an Guo, a parody of Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a present day school setting. Ma Chao followed their advice and led an army to attack Lucheng but could not conquer the city. You should also abandon your son, and treat me like your son." After numerous failed assaults by Cao Cao Ma Chao attacks the pass and Cao Cao's troops flee in terror.

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