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A lot of theories bandied about for the sequel focus on Sarah's all-grown-up baby brother Toby. There's a lot in Labyrinth that, to put it bluntly, a whole lot of people just don't get. According to Deadline, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson will helm the sequel, while Maggie Levin will assist on screenwriting duties and the Henson family are on board in producer roles. There's no period in time where being a teenage girl isn't fraught with strangeness, but imagine trying to go through it now. These stories endure to this day, but, for us, the most fascinating way to build upon this lore in a sequel would be to dive into the pop culture of the 21st century. Nothing is currently known about this film in terms of story or character. Stop asking me when the movie will come out or where to buy it for god's sake! Imagine: Sarah returns to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take over the throne in the hopes of bringing a more merciful rule to the kingdom.

The internet has exploded with potential casting choices for our new Goblin King. Nobody could ever replace Bowie, of course, but some of the names being thrown about are solid. Could the story be rejigged to focus on a dude? :\r\r- (mostly) A Beautiful Mind (2001)\r- Labyrinth (1986)\r- China Girl by David Bowie (MV)\r\rThat's pretty much it.\rAgain sorry for the disappointment you guys.\r\r\r...How I wish this was real xD The 2020s is the age of always-online, #MeToo, p*ssy-grabbing President, "lady Ghostbusters ruined my childhood," Facetime-away-your-flaws, like-and-subscribe chaos. Indeed, the story is so rich in ideas and prescient themes that it makes a lot of sense to bring Labyrinth into the 2020s.

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I've no beef with expanding upon a rich lore and the untapped potential of Henson's creation. Tilda Swinton is a popular pick, as are Tom Hiddleston and Janelle Monae. She wants to be an empathetic presence to lost souls who find themselves in the Labyrinth, a leader who can help young people through their troubles and find joy and friendship along the way. And we're not just talking about David Bowie's package (ooh, now I believe in Modern Love). It would be all too easy to descend into the usual "don't ruin my childhood" tantrums or complain about how Hollywood doesn't make anything original these days, but that approach would be both reductive and boring as all hell. And I'm sorry for deceiving you.


First off, just be thankful there aren’t two versions of this article — one that only lies and one that only tells the truth — because even in the back-and-forth of Hollywood development, the Labyrinth sequel’s path isn’t too hard to follow if you stick to the facts. TWO: Understand 21st-century pop culture. Female maturity has always scared the world. There is no actual Sequel to \"Labyrinth\". That should be reflected in a Labyrinth sequel. I'm truly flattered.

Part of Sarah's journey through the labyrinth of her own psyche is confronting the reality of her growing sexuality, something that is both scary and hypnotic in its appeal. The Jim Henson/Terry Jones/George Lucas movie has long been beloved among genre fans, and a sequel-slash-reboot has been the subject of rumors for many years. You'll see the plethora of pop culture that defines not only her but the Labyrinth itself: The Wizard of Oz; Where the Wild Things Are; Grimm's Fairy Tales; posters for musicals like Cats (honestly, it explains a lot about Sarah that she's into Cats). So, what can a sequel made 35 years later offer audiences that will build upon those themes while bringing the story into a new millennium? Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Would a modern heroine still be obsessed with those old stories, or would she find solace in online fandom? That's its secret, Hoggle: It's always horny.

Like Comic-Con. We have a different idea. We respectfully disagree. This is the plot that the manga sequel follows, partly because it seems like the most obvious continuation of the original story. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Think of how horrifying such a moment would be if you'd grown up used to the barrage of online misogyny and rape culture of geek fandom and social media. The Labyrinth sequel is moving forward, which means the role of Jareth the Goblin King will need to be recast - and here's who can take over the character next. Society has gone out of its way for centuries to smother young women who dare to grow up and start questioning everything around them. Sure, but we have decades of fantasy canon for that too. The only way to overcome this, to defeat the evil that pollutes both worlds, is for our heroines to take the journey. This week, it was announced that TriStar would be moving forward with a sequel to the '80s fantasy favorite Labyrinth. She focuses in on Jareth, who looks uncannily like the actor her mother abandoned her family for, but soon realizes that such fantasies are just that. Does she love superheroes like the Avengers, or maybe she's immersed in the '80s nostalgia of stories like Stranger Things and the Stephen King revival kicked off by It? As a Labyrinth fan whose pop-culture tastes and love of geek fiction as a whole were shaped indelibly by the film, I — as you can imagine — had a lot of feelings on this news. That liminal space between being a kid and a full-blown adult is a hugely confusing place to inhabit, simultaneously terrifying and alluring. Go back and watch the scene in Labyrinth where we get a peek inside Sarah's room. The Jim Henson/Terry Jones/George Lucas movie has long been beloved among genre fans, and a sequel-slash-reboot has been the subject of rumors for many years.

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