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Later, Kanan and his fellow rebels took part in a raid on a Mining Guild Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery to obtain fuel supplies for the Ghost and the Phoenix rebels. [76], When they received confirmation that Sabine had managed to infiltrate the Academy, Kanan assured Ezra that Sabine was capable of looking after herself. After Saw had left, Kanan counselled Ezra that not all their allies shared their values. Once inside, Jarrus and Myder faced Count Vidian in his chamber, a few minutes before Sloane issued his arrest. When Ezra asked him about the Jedi holocron, Kanan explained that the holocron was safe but that retrieving it would not be straight forward. As a deterrent, he forced Morad to ride a defective 614-AvA speeder bike, which exploded and killed Sumar. [64], While traveling back to the rebel fleet, Rau stirred. In regards to the character's death in the episode "Jedi Night" of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels, Filoni felt this was a natural end to Kanan promising he will see Hera again before being blinded and said: "In that moment he's not bound as this material thing that the physicality of sight would be a limitation to him." [92], Sometime during this nomadic and hand-to-mouth period, Kanan told Hera that it has been a long time since they've been alone like this and wished he could see her. In response, Kanan backed up Hera by telling Cham that they needed to put aside their differences and work together to achieve a win-win situation for all. Also a huge collector of Star Wars and Marvel items. Kanan was present when Hera outlined her battle plan to launch an attack on the Imperial fleet in order to provide an opening for the rebels to send a ship seeking reinforcements offworld. Commander Sato also congratulated the rebels for rescuing Saw and obtaining a new deflector core. During the meeting, Kanan told Sabine that he believed that it was no coincidence that she came across the Darksaber. Sabine and Zeb want to get even, so they leave to add their own "fireworks" to the Empire's parade; Hera regrets not telling Kanan sooner how she felt and decides to add a new segment to her family's kalikori in his memory; and Ezra sits alone with his thoughts, worrying about what to do next without his master there to guide him - at which point the Loth wolves show up, growling at Ezra and chasing him away from the Rebel base.

Ezra had received a tip about two refugees from his former "business partner" Hondo Ohnaka. Through Garson, Jarrus got a job as freighter pilot carrying baradium bisulfate for Moonglow Polychemical between Gorse and its moon, Cynda. The holocrons quickly separated with an explosion and deactivated. However, the pair were caught by the guards, and Kasmir betrayed Dume in exchange for the IG-RM droids. [84], Kanan and his team reunited with the Ghost just as Captain Brunson's Arquitens-class command cruiser entered Geonosis. Hera ran towards Kanan but he stopped her with the Force and Force pushed Hera onto the ship, before sending the ship out of the the blast radius. After some consideration, Sabine reluctantly agreed to train with the Darksaber under the tutelage of Kanan and Ezra. Kanan and Hera expressed their fears that this new weapon would lead to the loss of pilots and threaten the rebellion. A few days later, Jarrus decided to put Bridger through a test to determine if the boy was meant to be a Jedi or not. Caleb Dume trains at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Kanan, the crew and a group of purrgil prepare to attack the Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery. With the rebels losing starfighters and pilots to the Empire at a faster rate than they could replace, Sato advised the rebels to steal an Imperial fighter carrier seen orbiting above Ryloth. [55], Afterwards, even though they captured "Big Bongo" as a team effort, Jarrus was still uncomfortable and contacted Syndulla to discuss his concerns; she encouraged him to give the clones a second chance, pointing out that they had saved millions of lives, including her own. During the interrogation, the Inquisitor taunted Jarrus by asking him how he survived Order 66, and saying that Billaba had given her life for his. Dume, Grey and Styles then rushed to find rescue Billaba from Grievous. When Cham and his companions Numa and Gobi Glie entered the Ghost, Kanan introduced his rebel companions except Chopper. Kanan is briefly mentioned by Ezra in the episode "A Disarming Lesson". When he got there, Dume spotted a clone using a holoimage of him and giving the order to kill on sight. The rebels then traveled to Lira San's coordinates but discovered their path blocked by an imploded star cluster. Bendu then took an interest in Kanan's sensor beacon and destroyed the machine. Liberation of Lothal and posthumous fatherhood. Back at Ryder's base, Kanan, Ezra, and Ryder debriefed Hera, Sabine, and Zeb about their mission. Kanan then comforted Ezra about the recent defeat and reassured his apprentice that they were alive and would continue fighting for a future where everyone was free. To kill a central character is no trivial matter. He viewed things clearly. The next day, he and Orrelios took the Phantom to destroy an Imperial transmission center, during which the rest of the Ghost crew engaged Imperials in a skirmish near an ion storm. [71], The rebels managed to save Sabine from the krykna, but Rex was taken captive by the creatures. While we only saw the beginning of how the rebels grapple with their new reality without Kanan, it was impactful, well-crafted, and performed with precision and grace. Following a brief fight, Ezra managed to beat Kanan and the Nightsister spirit left his body.

A short time later, Ezra was knocked into the abyss below by laser fire. It's the beginning of the end on Star Wars Rebels, with the premiere of the first two episodes from the last season's back half moving us towards a dark finale with the shocking death of Kanan Jarus.Emotional as it may be, the loss of the Last Padawan also leaves us with many big questions. As part of the raid, Kanan along with Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper would jump from the Ghost into the facility. While Sabine installed the hyperdrive onto Ryder's U-wing, Kanan told her that he was worried about her. Though temporarily immobilized, Kanan quickly broke free with his lightsaber and retorted that the Jedi had won the war with Mandalore and took the opportunity to lecture that while those "tricks" would amount to something and maybe save her from time to time, only training and discipline would keep her alive in the long run. A fierce duel ensued, then, between Jarrus—who wielded Bridger's lightsaber—and the darksider. Despite being blind, Kanan managed to use his Force powers to knock Sabine to the ground. There, Kanan and Sabine discovered that Maul and Ezra had completed a ritual which involved summoning the spirits of fallen Nightsisters. On one occasion, Jarrus was forced to rescue Bridger during a training lesson above Lothal's atmosphere. Hera was despondent. Due to his upbringing, Kanan distrusted anything associated with the Sith and dark side and chastised Ezra for toying with a Sith holocron he had found on Malachor. Rau recognized the weapon and related its history to Kanan. Kanan Jarrus (born Caleb Dume) is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.

After Sabine asked if these crystals could be weaponized, Kanan was unsure. They were then confronted by Confederate forces under General Grievous and Colonel Coburn Sear. I would love to see more and definitely more Ashoka. However, Vader alone attacked with his TIE Advanced x1, causing extensive damage to Phoenix Squadron and the Phoenix Home, forcing Sato to abandon the ship.[54]. Chronological and political information He has become a Jedi whose story will be told, a story about how he help save the Rebels so they could continue their fight against the Empire.

He also attended a class by Madame Jocasta Nu on how Padawans were chosen by Jedi Knights, and Dume asked about how it came to be, much to Mace Windu's disapproval and Billaba's amusement.

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