i married a witch (criterion)

An ex-bomber pilot is suspected of murdering his unfaithful wife. The interview was conducted in New York by film historian Gideon Bachmann, for his radio program “Th... We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

... Based on the Thorne Smith novel The Passionate Witch, the rollicking I Married a Witch can be considered the forerunner of the TV series Bewitched, but only on a surface level. Voir les détails, Clientes internacionales pueden comparer en www.bestbuy.com y enviar sus pedidos a cualquier domicilio o tienda en EE. The most delightful of the films the innovative French director René Clair made in Hollywood, I MARRIED A WITCH is a comic confection bursting with playful special effects and sparkling witticisms. In 1672, two witches (Jennifer and her father Daniel) were burned by puritan Jonathan Wooley.

The sparse but elegant touches continue onto the inner artwork, with liquor bottles and flame spits scattered throughout.

In the 20th century, a bolt of lightning frees Jennifer and her father from the tree that had kept their souls imprisoned. Arrow Video Criterion Collection Doctor Who Game of Thrones Harry Potter Outlander Star Wars. I Married A Witch is one hour and seventeen minutes and was released in theaters on October 30, 1942.

When assassin Philip Raven shoots a blackmailer and his beautiful female companion dead, he is paid off in marked bills by his treasonous employer who is working with foreign spies.

She's known more for her peekaboo blonde locks and for starring with Alan Ladd in several hit movies, but Lake was a good comedienne, too.Susan Hayward does well playing a snotty woman and Cecil Kellaway always plays an interesting character. Certificate: Passed Written by

Starring Veronica Lake, Fredric March, Susan Hayward. Jennifer assumes corporeal form and decides to make up-and-coming politician Wallace Wooley, then unhappily engaged, even more miserable by getting him to fall in love with her before his wedding. Still, even a lesser Criterion effort exceeds what any other studio ever gave or would have given this somewhat forgotten, definitely fun 1940s comedy. Ver más detalles. I Married a Witch (Criterion Collection), Blu-ray, Black & White, Full Frame, Comedy-Classic, 715515110914 99 $19.95 $19.95. International customers can shop on www.bestbuy.com and have orders shipped to any U.S. address or U.S. store. I Married a Witch is a 1942 American fantasy romantic comedy film, directed by René Clair, and starring Veronica Lake as a witch whose plan for revenge goes comically awry, with Fredric March as her foil. Finchster. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. The Criterion Collection have finally brought René Clair's I Married a Witch onto a non-VHS format as spine #678 in their roster, with a striking minimalistic design on the front cover. A Hollywood director, John L Sullivan, sets out to experience life as a poor, homeless person in order to gain relevant life experience for his next movie.

Looking for some great streaming picks? Wallace is a straight arrow, though, and Jennifer has to resort to a love potion. Wallace is a straight arrow, though, and Jennifer has to resort to a love potion. A beautiful 17th-century witch returns to life to plague politician Wallace Wooley, descendant of her persecutor. The main story is two witches in colonial Salem are burned at the staked and a tree is planted over their ashes to imprison their evil spirits. In revenge, Jennifer cursed all future generations of the Wooley family, that the sons will always marry the wrong woman and be miserable. Directed by René Clair • 1942 • United States Shop I Married a Witch [Criterion Collection] [DVD] [1942] at Best Buy. A former WW2 naval pilot employed by a Miami civilian company reminisces about his past and present sins while flying a plane into an incoming hurricane.

Jennifer assumes corporeal form and decides to make up-and-coming politician Wallace Wooley, then unhappily engaged, even more miserable by getting him to fall in love with her before his wedding. I Married a Witch is a lesser effort from Criterion and quite justifiably so, as it's not a particularly artful or significant film.

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