fod in aviation maintenance

The same outlining process still applies, you’ll just need a method of hanging like hooks or nails. Airports, Airlines, and the General Aviation community have taken the necessary steps to minimize FOD by engaging in successful FOD management programs, as per AC 150/5210-24. Aircraft parts, rocks, broken pavement, ramp equipment. It is amazing to think that the average FOD repair to an engine can exceed $1MM....all caused by a simple rock; outlined here Boeing FOD Prevention. ����s���P������^�j礠'%JD���vb�"۝�~�Q� ݆�j����Gm&3o��w�>�)�_3S��Y�$�"��� �z�I�)��O�

First, go to your local craft or hardware store and find yourself foam (or this stuff). The second work (2007) was by Iain McCreary from the consultancy Insight SRI Ltd. The mat contours to any surface which makes those hard to work areas a bit easier and safer to manage.

[23], However, while that 2007 Insight SRI paper remains the best free public source of data, the new analysis (2010) from Insight SRI offers new numbers. c��x��q�&1�>{������3܅�:��!o�!�f_���_d?���(�G�I���O�o�p!cTq)���z jť�VR �������[�8�$h��̨�u��bJ�E �u�*�7� Once you have done this, trace with sharpie your tools shapes on the foam for the various shelves sizes (just like the basic way explained above). As Iain McCreary of Insight SRI put it in a presentation to NAFPI (August 2010), "You can have debris present without damage, but never damage without debris."
The best way to prevent foreign object damage and debris at the site of the job is by utilizing a tool mat to protect your machine and keep your tools and hardware in place. The pilot and copilot were killed; the pilot was subsequently posthumously awarded an Air Force Cross for his actions in maintaining control of the aircraft and saving the lives of the 18 crew. Modern jet engines can suffer major damage from even small objects being sucked into the engine. The term FOD is used to describe both the foreign objects themselves, and any damage attributed to them.

H��U�r�0���]6�1�IKbd����M�M6�&)��t0Mۿ�@��GǛ;��y܇�J' This is typically from a misplaced tool or a piece of hardware that should have never been left where it was in the first place. The aircraft struck a car on the road, killing its six occupants. The first was by Brad Bachtel of Boeing, who published a value of $4 billion USDper year.

An unusual case of FOD occurred on 28 September 1981 over Chesapeake Bay. Internal FOD is damage or hazards caused by foreign objects inside the aircraft.

Tool FOD is a serious hazard caused by tools left inside the aircraft after manufacturing or servicing. �0��p�����hp���0 Internal FOD hazards include items left in the cockpit that interfere with flight safety by getting tangled in control cables, jam moving parts or short-out electrical connections.

Another solution under investigation is the use of artificial turf near runways, since it does not offer food, shelter, or water to wildlife.

Internationally, FOD costs the aviation industry US$13 billion per year in direct plus indirect costs. Any foreign object flying in the intake flew in, hit the door, opened it, flew through, and then exited the aircraft. The acronym “FOD” can stand for two different safety terms depending on the context in which you’re talking. According to NAFPI, FOD costs the global (both civil and military), aviation industry $3-4 … This kit included gravel deflectors on the landing gear; foldaway lights on the bottom of the plane; and screens that prevented gravel, entering the open wheelwells when the gear was extended, from hitting critical components.

This earlier effort was 'The' first document detailing the direct and indirect cost of FOD that was based on airline maintenance data (the entire document was a single page of data, followed by 8 pages of footnotes).". Be warned, however, this can get pricey. Automated FOD Detection System Evaluation Research Results of this study should be published in 2009. The deeper the compressive residual stress the more significant the fatigue life and damage tolerance improvement.

H��W�r�:�������G�e�~���& Thus FOD is now taken to mean the debris itself, and the resulting damage is referred to as "FOD damage". %PDF-1.2 %���� Every time you go to do a job, first go to your tool sign out sheet and log everything you are taking out of your tool bench.

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