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As wonderful as this author is including beautiful rhymes about all that happens in the fall season, we read this book together for the beautiful watercolor illustrations.

She divides up the story into manageable pieces, spattering personal stories and facts through for the adults, and even provides a CD to listen to together as a family.

Learn more about BMC ›. Contributed by Donna Meyer for NomadWomen: Angela Paolantonio was born in New York, but her roots are planted deep in the soil of southern Italy.

These are some amazing books to read. 365,668 ratings — Children of the Land depicts life on both sides of the border and the feeling of living between two nations and cultures; Hernandez Castillo’s depiction of the current crisis is vivid, empathetic and real. There are many kinds of love, and Paolantonio explores several of them in this memoir—love for a place, for history (both local and personal), for family, traditions, food.

While the author has now assed away, he wrote the last book in the series in 2012 and that one is yet to be published. 1,435,786 ratings —

But in the very early morning, before anyone was awake, I was working on these notebooks,” writes Katie Roiphe at the beginning of The Power Notebooks, a series of entries reflecting on the author’s personal relationships and the ways in which power dynamics seep into them. If you have ever strolled beside a famous bridge in Rome or hope to one day, you will love and learn from this memoir.

published 2006, avg rating 3.62 — —Julie Kosin, A memoir from the author of the best-selling novel Sweetbitter, Stephanie Danler’s Stray chronicles both her tumultuous childhood as the daughter of two addicts and her adult life after releasing the book that made her famous.

Here are some of the best books about Italy to add to your reading list, whether you’re planning to read them on an Italian vacation or want something to read to help inspire your next trip! Contributed by Maire from Temples and Treehouses: Eat Pray Love is a classic modern memoir by American author Elizabeth Gilbert, and equally famous for the 2010 film version starring Julia Roberts.

747,633 ratings — Like 2018’s Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the novel leans into social commentary—the foe presents as a literal white woman whom some mistakenly deem harmless—without slowing the action sequences that drive the plot forward. 2,802,944 ratings —

In stories that are by turns blackly comic, speculative, romantic, and wistful, Kispert toys with the ideas of personal truth, deception (of self and other), and lies from so many angles that, taken as a whole, the collection wows with its insight, its daring, and its breadth of talent. The only way she has to escape poverty is then to marry Stefano Carracci, son of a usurer and friend of the Solara brothers, two youngsters known for being linked to the local mafia. 12 fantastic books to read this summer {2015} One of my favorite things about summer is having a little more time to sit and read while my kids play in the sprinkler or at the park.

Through the story, ou discover the culture and history of the gondola and the artistry needed to create such magnificent vessels. Big Data: A Revolution provides a broad overview of big data and the impact that it’s making on modern society. They go on a bike ride, visit a county fair, go trick-or-treating, and even have a huge Thanksgiving feast of their own, all without being seen by humans.

My husband has two tall bookshelves full of his books upstairs, I have two tall bookshelves in the house full of my books, and my children have four bookshelves, and many boxes and tubs, full of books for them all around the house. We don’t always need to know the cause of a phenomenon, rather, we can let the data speak for itself,” emphasizing that “knowing what, not why is good enough.” Excerpts from – Big Data: A Revolution that will Transform how we Live, Work and Think.

In this book by Wendy Silvano, it's November and almost time for Thanksgiving, and this turkey is scared of becoming dinner. The rooms they are assigned do not have a view over the River Arno and they are offered a swap from the less desirable Socialist father and son, the Emersons, and Lucy moves into her room with a view. —Adrienne Gaffney, Almost exactly one decade after releasing The Warmth of Other Suns, her sweeping look at how the Great Migration transformed America, Isabel Wilkerson revolutionizes the way we view race with Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.

The story begins in 2000 at a New England boarding school, where 15-year-old Vanessa Wye falls for her charismatic English teacher and re- counts their romance.

That’s when she starts reflecting on more than 60 years of friendship, starting with their early childhood in one of Naples most disadvantaged and dangerous “rione” (neighborhood) in the 1950s, when both are attending elementary school and are at the top of their class. All that remains is for me to warn anyone who has read this far without purchasing this book that it carries a Thief’s Curse. This book, among many others, allows me to talk to my small children about the real story in a kid-friendly way. If most parents could ask for anything it would be a break, but you'd be surprised how including your kids can be the best gift you give yourself.

548,396 ratings —

And the parts that take place in Italy are a different Italy–dark and mysterious.

But Then, It Works. published 1897, avg rating 4.13 — —AG, In the twentieth century, the question “Is he musical?” often served as code for “Is he gay?” explains Sasha Geffen in the intro to Glitter Up the Dark, which explores the many ways in which pop music broke the gender binary (while also acknowledging it was never fully intact).

—AG, A former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ackerman focuses his novels on the effects of international conflict. Liz Moore has crafted a literary thriller that’s rapidly paced without compromising on depth.

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Kate Elizabeth Russell probes this question in 
her debut novel, My Dark Vanessa, which reads like a contemporary reimagining of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. They plan for months, gather everything they need all month and cook up delicious dishes to share that day, and then head out for a fun and love-filled day in the woods with people that care about them.

These 14 great Valentine's Day crafts to make with your kids will allow them to express themselves, learn some new skills, and receive the satisfaction of giving good gifts to others that come from the heart.

It’s a Taylor Swift song as high literature. —AG, “In my published writing, I took stands.

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