erin bates wedding

Recap: Double Dating Duggars & Another Courtship.

Ask us about building a milk-jug boat together.

When Erin and Chad tied the knot, they moved into their little cottage home, complete with a very pink master bedroom decorated by Erin. If this is the case, will these children feel "adequate" as human beings? :).

:-D Also, we can build treehouses for days. I am of a Christian faith and am a mother myself.

Our aim is to post all points of view, but we do not post anything that is profane, insulting, derogatory, or in poor taste. So beautiful!! Would they blame her for not keeping her husband happy as it is her duty? For this reason, I would be remiss if I didn't return the favor by pledging every ounce of my efforts to her success and fulfillment, now and forever.

:)~Lily and Ellie. Thanks for making this blog! She is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many of these weddings have been televised events, and the wedding parties garner a good deal of interest. Some people like to set arbitrary rules because it makes them feel good, or more secure. Delayed gratification wasn't something they needed to work on for strength of character. As long as the Bates girls feel they are modest and pleasing to God, that’s all that matters. If any thing it reinforces the idea that the physical is all important by messing up their night by delaying and making it rather smelly. It'll be grand and hilarious! What you decide to wear and what you consider to be modest conforms to your own standards and convictions. Marriage is not the end of one's identity or individualism, but it is the beginning of a whole new adventure in becoming "we" not just "me". They are drilled that marriage and children is what they must do, it's obvious with the only emphasis being put on this path.

It did, however, become quickly apparent to me that this particular Mid-Westerner was rare and more precious than a campfire in the dead of winter.

Putting something on the car to announce they married is enough. While I am happy for Josh, all the married Bates so far, and upcoming Jill and Jessa with their weddings, I wonder about the message these families instill in their children from birth onward--that we are all created to get married and have children. The Duggars arrived in East Tennessee a couple days before the wedding to help with setup, and the older Duggar girls presented Erin with a gag gift. What's the purpose of attending a college whose credits don't count in the workplace?

Would the parents support this woman emotionally if she were to come to them and tell them of an abusive spouse? I wonder how these children will cope if God intends for them to remain single or if God intends for them to be barren. Wanting anything different is surely frowned upon by the all controlling parents, yes, even the Bates family.However, I must say that I like the Bates parents more than the Duggar parents. At least, that’s been my observation and I’m an old timer. I'm so happy for Erin Bates! It was a well-known fact that Erin couldn't cook, so the girls compiled a book of easy recipes and The episode ran on delishows for me.Also, whenever John-David gets married he'll get back all the car trashing he has done so far. Hannah doesn't ALWAYS carry maple syrup, but you know it's an awfully grand day if it's in hand. Just because we dont see it doesnt mean it doesnt happen.

Are they guilty of the sins of Gothard or Doug Phillips. Do you think you guys could post that episode on this blog.

"I say "nothing, I was just thinking how we don't have a song, " And he says, I reallllyy disliked the idea of online dating, but here we are. This was so fun to watch. I fear these married kids, will feel the pressure and not enjoy their lives as couples, only seek to be parents way too soon in their stage of life. No. The parents of both the duggars and bates have done amazing jobs of raising their families in such hard times! It was a beautiful, God-centered wedding! Our story is a classic, romantic tale reminiscent of the likes of Harry & Meghan, Tim & Faith, Han & Leia, and so on. Love them ALL!!!!♥♥♥. You can also click here to read our recapof the episode. I don't believe that the Duggars truly encourage anything different for their children many of which are and have been adults for a while now.

When/if the episode is uploaded to YouTube, we will post the link. Just for fun, we put together a few wedding facts.

With 19 people born, these children all have their own soul, their own plan for their lives; different interests and talents. I can't remember but did Erin and Chad dance at their wedding or do thy not dance like the Duggars? Breathtaking!

It wasn't a good job and it showed. this isn't the first Bates wedding is it (as said in title) ?

Some wives gladly take on their husbands name and are still equal partners.

Powered by, Click Here to Visit Ellie's Personal Blog, And Here to Visit Her Blog about the Duggars. I don’t really understand it either. You'll catch Shelley and I adventuring in the mountains or running too many miles together whenever possible. THE BEST PART WAS WHEN ERIN & CHAD SHOWED JESSA & BEN THEIR PINK BEDROOM. Not to mention dangerous when the windows have so much writing on them you can not properly see out of them. ;-) And for sharing a love for Colorado. How can a totally untrained/inexperienced woman in the workplace support herself and multiple children in those cases? The "add on" fabric and quality of alterations looked just like that... added on. If they have things they want to keep private because it will give the impression they do not want to give, hey, we all do a little bit of that everyday. - Duration: 2:24. Gil Bates seems to be a more jolly, happy man than JimBob, doesn't grope, and constantly kiss Kelly after each sentence and may actually be a hands on father, even in their world. Yes, I agree with "anonymous..11's comment. Isnt her older brother married ?
I'm not aloud to go searching on the internet for that kind of stuff. There will clearly be some children out of these massive families that God chose a different path for. All while raising 19 children. Even though many of us may not consider their lifestyle to be ideal, It is their choice. Aw, wow!

From what i saw it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding!!~Brooke~. If she will simply stay home and have babies right away, ( I'm sorry for her loss recently), why is she bothering to take classes she will never use from an unaccredited college?The birdcage on top of the cake is quite fitting. Currently 7 out of the 19 Bates children are married. At the last minute, there was an issue with the bridesmaid dresses that Erin ordered online, so the Bates ladies bought new material, and Michaela Bates sewed five dresses by hand in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Paine Discusses Her Journey Into Motherhood - … It started like so many before: stranded Army veteran goes shopping online for the future mother-of-his-children, and meets a beautiful and aspirational Mid-Westerner yearning for an adventurous life among the mountains... After only a few short brunch dates, I learned that the reason she couldn't talk is because she had signed a contract, without reading the fine print, wherein she was granted the ability to live on land by an evil octopus named Ursula, in exchange for her voice.

Sometimes, a guy is just a rotten apple, and your father isn't infallible in his "approval". It was not respectful or "fun". Today, Erin Bates and Chad Paine are celebrating four years of marriage. Here is a guide to the known wedding details of each Bates child. Thanks for leaving your comments!

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