embarrassed sentence

191. 129. embarrassed definition: 1. feeling ashamed or shy: 2. having no money 3. feeling ashamed or shy: . He embarrassed me with a difficult question. He always mumbles when he's embarrassed. Vegetable polyploid breeding is embarrassed by the characters of polyploid plants and backward breeding technology. Don't worry about being embarrassed; it's far more embarrassing to ignore the problem and eventually get contacted by a collection agency. 4. She felt embarrassed under his steady gaze. See more. How to connect 'embarrassed' with other words to make correct English sentences.embarrassed (adj): feeling ashamed or shyUse 'embarrassed' in a sentence I'm feeling embarrassed right now.

Unused to being on the receiving end of a crush, I was quite embarrassed by the revelation that Ashley liked me.

183 So he sax on the ground, unwilling to get up yet, 186 The opposition Democratic Progressive Party, which Mr Chen used to lead, is. Embarrass definition, to cause confusion and shame to; make uncomfortably self-conscious; disconcert; abash: His bad table manners embarrassed her.

You are one win away from the play-offs and you get blown out, destroyed, shellacked, I looked over at his mother to see a sheepish, almost, In town, Julia dares to ask Cole to lunch with her family, and is, We miss its toe-curling political incorrectness, its shabby vulgarity, its, The former Mayor thinks the authority should feel very, The question was tinged with a touch of sarcasm that made her, I'm a beanpole with nearly no muscle power, so there isn't much to be all, I know he would have been tickled pink, a little, They didn't recognize that it's a disease, like any other disease, and there's nothing to be, Even that time she used the judo throw on him, he got up, This is done so that the young Bar Mitzvah wouldn't feel, In one of my favourite scenes, the Duke catches an, As a hard-working, tax-paying, non-indigenous, and fair-minded Territorian, I feel deeply, Despite the fact that we've just spent the night together and explored just about every inch of each other's bodies I feel, The highly respected, intelligent and tenured Harvard psychiatrist has, Parents are sometimes worried about their own lack of knowledge of computer technology and, Their hope was to rattle the newcomer, but the incident just, I actually downloaded the app last summer and was. 252. Because their bodies begin to grow so rapidly during adolescence, teenagers often feel awkward, self-conscious, uncoordinated, He said people shopping with their children were, I don't mind double-dipping when eating with my family, but I'd be, The team had been tromped by their cross-town rivals, and the players were, However, the moment I even speak of it, I am, He also formed a bed bug task force but claims local leaders are too, I got along swimmingly.

Then there were reminiscences over the good times the couple had together, which Jacob meets with a weak, In both 1999 and 2001, Brazil sent a weak team to the competition and was, She felt a sudden burst of shyness wash over her and suddenly felt extremely, Even Bob, the bull mastiff who plays Agent 11, seems, We have spoken to a number of people, including non-drivers, who are similarly, I'm glad to see that some conservatives aren't. (becomes, got) Used with adverbs: " He was extremely embarrassed about his test score. 531.

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