election day 2025

It is not a happy future that I see for any of us.

Don’t follow you here. This will allow the parties to better target their message directly to a voter’s individual interests. (The only thing it won’t know is television-viewing habits. Their kids and grandkids are also very nice people. We have many of the same thoughts but here are a few I would keep in mind as well: No matter who wins in November we will all lose something, but the Constitution, our liberty and freedoms will lose the most. @Charles K- Your theories are very interesting. If I understood half the gun stuff, I might be getting an education.

The actual voting on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November should remain as established. There was a time when we would not have believed this could happen, but here we are — and it’s happening right before our very eyes. When Is U.S. Election Day 2020? Question: Is Election Day a federal holiday?Answer: No, it is not. Senate 2020 Senate Interactive Map Latest Senate Polls Pundit Forecasts What Happens: 50-50 Senate 2018 Senate Election Results. Their motive is not to loot, but to dominate, and destroy. The risk appears to be extremely high, and we pray that every law-abiding person in a position of authority will take action to prevent ballot fraud.

Oh, they don’t know about that. They may get a bit angry. These constitute ‘stated preferences’ in the language of economics. However exciting the premise of a more digital, connected election is, we must recognise the role of traditional media. Unfortunately. Would Mr. Trump claim premature victory — as he did on behalf of the two Florida Republicans and dangled as a possibility in a tweet in July: “Must know Election results on the night of the Election, not days, months, or even years later!”.

Now for my 2 cents: Trump wins: Date.

Molson Coors, president & chief executive officer, The middle class, the sober thinking preppers of this blog? Submitted by Roxana E Ramirez on September 30, 2020 - 12:56am, First Saturday after of November. A fitting theme for this years' election would be to drop a big old deuce in the batter. Formerly known as Woman Suffrage Day, August 26 is now recognized as “Women’s Equality Day.” Ratification came in Tennessee, where suffragist (Anitia) Lili Pollitzer, age 25, persuaded Tennessee state legislator Harry T. Burn, age 24, to cast the deciding vote.

But then who is really following the constitution? Why would we do that? Mr. Trump has been pushing denunciations of mailed-in votes for months, and his penchant for conspiracy theories is only intensifying, such as saying this week that people in “dark shadows” are behind Mr. Biden’s campaign. Wow. He began SurvivalBlog in 2005.

The election could be used opportunistically by the same criminal elements for the same purposes if protests become large.

VaynerMedia, co-founder, © Carnyx Group Ltd 2020 | The Drum is a Registered Trademark and property of Carnyx Group Limited. * Old people will continue to hope younger folks continue to tolerate their non-sustainable draw on resources such as medical care… while contributing zero to production of essentials, and absorbing massive disproportionate amounts of essentials — food, shelter, security. November 3: Election Day. Cathay Pacific Airways, deputy and Asia Pacific editor,

If Democracy is more important than Business, why not declare it a Federal Holiday so everyone will get the day off work to vote? Taken as a species, humans will continue to devolve into the lowest denominations. Our mail forwarding address is: James Wesley, Rawles Election Day. Again campus police and local law enforcement stood down while things were destroyed and people hurt. Box 303 Jellyfish Group, vice president – creative consultancy EMEA & APAC, I to hope/wish that the split, when it comes, will be amicable, over irreconcilable differences, but I think we both know that is not a possibility given the track record of the left. Beyond just digitising the process, we could have a system that would utilise biometrics to verify your identity. We have reached the end of perpetual borrowing. Essence, group chief marketing officer, The earliest possible date is November 2, and the latest possible date is November 8. They de facto have declared war by their actions in the street. And neither Democrat went on to win his race.

I’ve come to realize the oath I took to defend the US Constitution has been superceded by my confession of Jesus Christ as my savior. The future of our country relies on all of us, and on every constructive effort. Initiative, chief performance officer, EMEA, By the way, to the reputed leaders of BLM, not all black lives matter.

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In some states, the discrepancy is even more stark. Looters, if they are arrested at all, are released within hours and no bail is imposed. Find out more about the election process in your state at your, If you’re within a week of Election Day, check your, If the elections are further out, see your.

I believe they wish to destroy the country even if it mean they will only rule over it’s ruins.

To-day, alike are great and small, My local gun shop is stripped of pistols and ARs. That said, I suspect that many younger people are fed up with the lockdowns, closures, job loss etc and rightly or wrongly feel that most virus fatalities are in the older folks so why should they bear this burden?

Why couldn't we vote from the comfort of home, with a more secure verification system using this kind of technology? You know what I mean. I am not law enforcement but isn’t their motto something like ‘to protect and serve’. Not much to add. A Democratic data group backed by Michael R. Bloomberg said this week that it was likely that Mr. Trump would appear to have won on election night by a landslide, a scenario it called “a red mirage.”. Will tranquility return to our major cities? Their view is that the world is overpopulated, so thinning the herd to save the planet is justified and not genocide and Bill Gates sees no problem that 700,000 people may die from his vaccine which is an acceptable risk for him.”. Presidential elections are held every four years, in years divisible by four. They want to control it ALL. Martin Luther King would be ashamed.

Of separation from the rest of Canada. Click states on this interactive map to create your own 2020 election forecast. I have never seen any in real life.

3) Encourage absentee and early voting Each of those cities are Democrat and the various left wing groups have been working for months to steal those elections in those cities. We are well used to companies announcing gadgets with watertight security only to have it hacked within hours of release. Stein IAS, owner & managing partner, Somehow, conservatives will get the blame. As we consume media through so many new channels on so many devices, the promotional opportunities for the parties will increase, with the ability to do more hyper-local campaign targeting. In Canada we have a movement called WEXIT, that is floating the idea of Western Independence. Submitted by ray on November 6, 2019 - 7:21am. The other issues then become the story.

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