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KING: Because, what did he do? GHINSBERG: Did I pray for death? KING: By yourself? Sharks ate him underneath the raft that night. And it split us. They had to bring in a pizza owner to translate, so they allowed the Russian freighter to come in to the three-mile buoy, and we were transferred to a Coast Guard cutter. GHINSBERG: No, no, there's nobody there. The Rambo types, a Navy SEAL tells Gonzales, are often the first to go. KING: Was there a time you ever thought you would not get out? And you could just reach out and touch it. Now it's just emotion. KILEY: The life raft deflates. I never gave up.

And I just felt something was wrong. KING: Why do you think you're here? KILEY: Yes, sir, I was the first American woman to sail in the Whitford Around the World Race (ph).

Don't go away. WARREN MACDONALD, TRAPPED UNDER BOULDER: What happened? Now, in Australia, I live in the living rainforest. They became delusional and started hallucinating. Kilimanjaro using prosthetic legs. She can't shake the screams, the image of the frothing water turning red, and the … Deborah was woken in the middle of the night by panicked voices and found icy water pouring into the cabin. KING: And you're an accomplished yachtswoman, right? The pair jumped into the water and were winched on board the ship. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These are Khmer Rouge fighters who are still active in this area of the country. KILEY: I don't know. KILEY: Thank you, Larry. You'd better be prepared. "It was by far the most horrifying moment of my entire life," said Deborah. KING: Did you think it was hallucination? News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. So he couldn't turn. GHINSBERG: My sanity kept me -- you know, like, it is a certain thing, Larry, that just acting naturally. KILEY: Oh, you know what? KING: Did you think you were going to die? Rest so sweetly with the Angels. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Survivors Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Scaling-Kiley in the only picture taken from the rescue boat, Deborah Scaling-Kiley watched as three of her friends were eaten by sharks, Brad Cavanagh appears on I Shouldn't Be Alive: Shark Survivor, Deborah Scaling-Kiley tells her story on US show I Shouldn't Be Alive, The Great White Shark - similar to the killer sharks which terrorised the crew, Sharks begin to close in as the crew hang on the side in the movie, The crew clung to the side of the boat for hours before climbing inside as sharks began to circle, Josh Duhamel stars as Captain John Lippoth in the drama, Beau Garrett as Deborah Scaling-Kiley in Capsized: Blood in the Water, John plunges into the water in the film, only to be instantly attacked, The floor of the craft was awash with blood, urine and pus, Deborah wrote a book about the ordeal in 1994, Tyler Blackburn, Josh Duhamel and Josh Close as Brad Cavanagh, John Lippoth and Mark Adams, The Sun he spent four days in the water as 600 men were ripped apart by sharks, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

And after that, he just didn't believe in God. “I didn’t care who these people were or where we were going,” said Deborah. GHINSBERG: He was an experienced jungle man, but he wasn't an Austrian geologist. Those who seemed best suited for survival -- the strongest or most skilled -- were often the first to die off in life-or-death struggles, he says. “All of a sudden we just hear this shrill scream,” Deborah Scaling-Kiley, one of the survivors, said in the documentary I Shouldn’t Be Alive, per The Sun. MACDONALD: Well, that's not entirely true. Where were you? KING: The Coast Guard never found you? KILEY: No, absolutely none. KING: Go where none have tread before? Kiley would survive that night, clinging to a dingy in the Atlantic Ocean for five days without food and water. Worse, Meg’s wounded leg became infected and blood poisoning began spreading through her body. KILEY: I sailed around the world. He's a motivational speaker and author of "A Test of Will: One Man's Extraordinary Story of Survival." Would I be a crumbling, blubbering heap of mess crying or would I be able to make it through what those people made it through?" MOON: Yes, I think that certainly affected me more than being blown up because for three days you're thinking, will we or will we not live? Scaling-Kiley and Cavanagh tried to save their friend, but they couldn't stop him jumping into the water. What Chris hears in the distance is a United Nations helicopter, scanning the forest for Chris and his team. Scaling-Kiley died of unknown causes in 2014, aged 54, while Cavanagh is a mariner in Massachusetts. Deborah Scaling Kiley cause of death has never been made public.

"You never knew what was going to come up.". Gonzales, who examined Kiley's survival in his book, says Kiley's background helped her survive. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: What were you holding on to? MACDONALD: In total, 45 hours. Why do you do this?

Lots of love. I turned my Land Rover wheel and as I turned the vehicle, there was a cutoff group behind. She was adrift and starving in the Pacific Ocean. In October 1982, 5 people got caught in a tropical storm.

Take care of yourself for three weeks.

GHINSBERG: Well, she wasn't real, but I didn't... KING: Oh, it was all fantasy. They were killed by sharks -- one right underneath Kiley's dinghy, she says. You don't need to learn it. You know, it's not about, you know, life and death is much -- it's a much greater mystery. That's my interest. He was help for us tonight, we're going to help him get back. And after I realized, I tried my French, my Spanish, and a little Italian. 'We tried to sleep so we wouldn't see Meg being eaten by sharks'. And the Coast Guard said, "No, no, can't be." KING: What was it like? Deborah Kiley and her friend, Brad Cavanaugh, spot their rescuers after five terror-filled days in the ocean. KING: What did you eat? We'll continue with another segment. I enjoyed your book. "She grew up having to fend for herself," he says.

In the back of my new book, there is a survival kit. You know, I'm going to tell you right now, if we had sunk anywhere else in the Atlantic but the gulf stream, we would have died just like that, because the water was 55 degrees in the rest of the Atlantic. KING: It must have been terrible. But two days in to the journey, the yacht capsized throwing Deborah and her pals into the ocean. Deborah went on to become a motivational speaker and wrote a book – Albatross: The True Story of a Woman’s Survival at Sea – in 1994. They couldn't turn. He never came back. And Khmer Rouge radio never won an award for impartial reporting. With a surge of adrenaline Brad managed to pull himself in and, moments later desperation turned to joy – as he spotted a Russian cargo ship on the horizon. You could literally push it away, and it would come back, but they were constantly there.

We'll take your calls, all on LARRY KING LIVE. He was actually an escaped -- he was, like, related to some bad stuff (INAUDIBLE) and he was refugee in Bolivia.

When we come back, Yossi Ghinsberg, another incredible tale of survival.

We did catch a small fish under the boat at one point, probably -- well, who knows what it was. When their yacht sinks, they must survive in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a raft with no survival equipment. That's "ANDERSON COOPER 360" at 10:00 Eastern. KILEY: Hell, yes, you're scared. Cut it out. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're going to survive. MOON: The longest three days of my life. A routine boat trip off the East Coast turned into nightmare for a group of friends after their yacht capsized and they were hunted by sharks, leaving only two survivors to witness and recall the carnage. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. So I went to South America, and my hero was Papillion.


I subsequently learned we were in a Khmer Rouge divisional area, there were loads of them. It was one of the worst aviation disasters in the nation's history. By the grace of God, without doubt and because I never gave up. Directed by Ian Barnes, Nick Copus, David Wheeler. I was just in the moment of going back to Florida to start another racing series. And it was so bizarre but so real that it made me stop crying for a second, and I raised my head. It went down in less than two seconds. KILEY: Late October 1982. After 10 hours of trekking through treacherous forest without food and with very little water, they make it to the village where they started out. GHINSBERG: He was saved by his own virtues and by the -- you know, like, twice a year there's a tribe of Indians that goes upriver to hunt. She took on the role of protector, watching out for another man in the boat. And then we made a tragic, tragic mistake, or not, you know? Even the act of prayer was a survival strategy.

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