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In shock and anger she goes into another room with Giovanelli, which further compromises her reputation. spontaneity charm him, but he is also mystified by her lack of concern He compares her behavior to that of his aunt’s daughters and what is considered proper for them.

American community in Rome. When she leaves, Mrs. Walker slights her, and Daisy learns further how far Winterbourne has misled her. Walker throws a party three days later, to which Winterbourne and the Millers are invited. In a letter, James said that Daisy is the victim of a "social rumpus" that goes on either over her head or beneath her notice.[3]. He befriends Daisy and tries to save This novella serves as both a psychological description of the mind of a young woman and as an analysis of the traditional views of a society where she is a clear outsider. James converted his story into a play that failed to be produced.

If Winterbourne no longer believes in her or cares for her, she no longer cares for herself (Samuels 176).Daisy dies within a few weeks. He accepts her request to accompany her to the Pincio to see the gentleman friend, and, when he sees the foreigner, he refuses to leave her alone with him.

It was as if a sudden illumination had been flashed upon the ambiguity of Daisy's behaviour and the riddle had become easy to read. She calls out to him, surprised that he would see her and “cut” her (James 633). This is the behavior of a young woman whose feelings are engaged, not one who believes she is the victim of a light flirtation. It could be the rashness of young love, of Daisy’s reliance on her heart, that makes her forgive Winterbourne’s early forwardness, and perhaps makes her adopt his relaxed attitude toward social customs.For the entire stay at Vevay, Winterbourne gives Daisy reason to believe he is genuinely interested in her, concerned for her welfare. He is obviously attracted to her when they are introduced, and we later learn that the attraction is mutual.

Daisy is pleased; we can assume this is because she has seen proof that Winterbourne still cares for her, despite all the evidence to the contrary.But all these events, especially Winterbourne’s warm behavior after the long absence, have only lulled Daisy into a false sense of security. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1975.Hoffman, Charles G. The Short Novels of Henry James. That he uses the pretext of protecting her does not lessen the significance of his insistence. is preoccupied with analyzing Daisy’s character. One moonlit night, while passing the Colosseum, Winterbourne sees two figures and recognizes their voices as those of Daisy and Giovanelli.

But Daisy does not act in a vacuum. He spends time with

Stilwell, KS.

Winterbourne is at first confused by her attitude, and though greatly impressed by her beauty, he soon determines that she is nothing more than a young flirt. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. However, it is too late for him to hurt her anymore.Works Cited Auchincloss, Louis.

This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. we see and experience everything. In “…a strange little tone,” she says she doesn’t care if she has Roman fever or not (James 634). It is Winterbourne who discards convention first, then presses his advantage when she does not reproach him: “he decided he must advance farther, rather than retreat” (James 602). George L. McMichael. Others find her heedlessness innocent and forthright. [4], Daisy Miller was an immediate and widespread popular success for James, despite some criticism that the story was "an outrage on American girlhood". The issue on which the novella turns is the "innocence" of Daisy, despite her seemingly scandalous behaviour. Symbolism is a literary device used throughout literature in which a concrete image represents something deeper and more implicit. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. Her death is the ultimate proof of the fact that her actions depended on Winterbourne’s faith in her, since, had she cared for herself, she wouldn’t have endangered her health, fallen ill and died. This growing attraction might be another explanation for her relaxing of conventional manners in his company. When they go off together to the Castle of Chillon, he tells her how happy he is. She declares she will stay with Giovanelli, though one senses that she might be merely baiting Winterbourne. Get tips and ideas in OUTLINE. In her story, James tells of a young American girl in Europe who ignores Old World […]. regard what Mrs. Costello tells him, about the Millers as much as Two days later, the two travel to Château de Chillon and although Winterbourne had paid the janitor for privacy, Daisy is not quite impressed. https://haquelebac.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/why-did-henry-james-kill-daisy-miller/, "Love Henry James – Daisy Miller Episode 1 of 5", Magazine publication of James' dramatic version of, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Daisy_Miller&oldid=977504567, Works originally published in The Cornhill Magazine, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2011, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Encyclopedia Americana with a Wikisource reference, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 06:58. He does not show his faith in Daisy even after all that has transpired. The Early Tales of Henry James. Winterbourne’s words and actions lead Daisy, first to a series of assumptions about social behavior in Europe, then to some about the state of his feelings, and then to a reckless defiance of convention when those assumptions prove false.In their first meeting, Winterbourne sets up the chain of events that will lead Daisy to misbehave and later to rebel. He speaks to her when only little Randolph has very roughly introduced them.
Winterbourne is the type of Europeanized expatriate that Mrs. Costello

his aunt not because of affection or because he takes pleasure in Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Daisy feels disappointment and chaffs him, eventually asking him to visit her in Rome later that year.

II. be attentive to one’s aunt.” Winterbourne seems to hold in high But he does.The result of his indiscreet behavior is Daisy’s natural assumption that things are done this way in Europe, that compatriots can speak openly to one another as they do in her part of America–an assumption that couldn’t be further from the truth. Winterbourne then informs Daisy that he must go to Geneva the next day.
city at the other end of the lake” that James is at pains to identify In her story, James tells of a young American girl in Europe who ignores Old World conventions and goes about, unchaperoned, with two gentlemen: one, an American ex-patriot whom she loves and the other, a fortune-hunting foreigner whom she uses to get back at the man she loves. New England Puritanism: he makes his home in Geneva, “the dark old Since he has never met Daisy in American society and since she is a newcomer to European society, this is most unfair. At first sight, it seems that Winterbourne is genuinely torn between romantic attachment and his suffocating social milieu – and that might have made for an engaging, but not uncommon study of love versus convention; however, James' keen observation reveals something deeper than that, for even as he protests his aunt's attacks on Daisy's character (yes, she is uncultivated, he admits, but she is not the reprobate for which the entire world has decided to mistake her), he is less disappointed than relieved when a nocturnal encounter with the girl and her suitor, Giovanelli, appears to prove Mrs Costello right: "Winterbourne stopped, with a sort of horror; and, it must be added, with a sort of relief. The textual evidence casts doubt on the depth of his feeling for her. Though the novel's final act has yet to unfold, we cannot help but conclude that the real tragedy lies here, in Winterbourne's relief. Infuriated with Giovanelli, Winterbourne asks him how he could dare to take Daisy to a place where she runs the risk of catching "Roman Fever". of woman that he understands. The Ambiguity of Henry James. [6], In the 1890s, a short walking-skirt called the rainy daisy, supposedly named for Daisy Miller, was introduced.[7]. the novel’s central consciousness, the character through whose eyes

her but ultimately decides that she is morally beyond redemption. She in turn asks him “about himself–his family, his previous history, his tastes, his habits, his intentions (emphasis added)–and for supplying information upon corresponding points in her own personality” (James 614). A 1974 film adaptation was directed by Peter Bogdanovich, with Cybill Shepherd as Daisy, Barry Brown as Frederick Winterbourne, Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Ezra Miller, Duilio Del Prete as Mr. Giovanelli, and Eileen Brennan as Mrs. Walker. Winterbourne He altered the tone of the story, and many modern editions (Penguin; Broadview) prefer to print the original edition, their editors believing that the later edition is a diminution of the original, rather than an improvement. Daisy’s reaction is a revelation. John Burnside, writing for The Independent, said, Daisy Miller arrives in Frederick Winterbourne's staid world the way that an angel arrives at an Annunciation, as both promise and challenge.

He wants to be

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