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Ever feel like you're being watched? Working with a team of graphics and design artists, “Connected” manages to take some of the more abstract ideas of the show and express them in ways that are digestible without being oversimplified. Where’s this even going? Latif explores the sometimes cute, often creepy ways surveillance pervades our lives. It said that he was this guy who showed the rest of the world isn’t a place to be scared of,” Nasser said. How could we possibly wind up over there? Through the experiences of one man, Nasser and a team of producers trace a dense global geopolitical history that, like “Connected,” is rooted in evaluating basic assumptions about how the world works. Importantly, Nasser doesn’t just focus on the bright spots of science and innovation. So I know the tricks people use — for good or for bad — to make ambiguous science or very small findings look like they’re bigger. In turn, as these stories are refracted partly through Nasser’s interests, they then go out to an audience with a wide variety of prior knowledge and personal interests. Miłośnik gier komputerowych i dwójka jego przyjaciół trafiają do dziwnej wersji Tokio. Odpowiedzią jest katastrofa morska i rekinoodporny wąż ogrodowy. Pytania? Netflix Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything is a 2020 docuseries where journalist Latif Nasser is investigating ways in which we are connected to each other and the universe. Zadzwoń pod numer 00 800 112 4392. The six-episode series shows how these technologies connect us and will leave you seeing "the world in a whole new way.” ON HULU:The science behind the time travel rom-com 'Palm Springs,' explained by expert physicists. Narration plays a big part in making the “Connected” connective tissue, easing those jumps across different continents. All rights reserved. It is no surprise the structure and storytelling aspects of the documentary series are top notch: Nasser is the director of research at the popular WNYC podcast Radiolab and holds a doctorate in the history of science. A single mother turns to housekeeping to make ends meet as she battles poverty, homelessness and bureaucracy. Owszem — śmierdzą, są brudne i obrzydliwe. Netflix Netflix. Even before becoming the host and face of the new Netflix series “Connected,” Latif Nasser knew that one of the keys to science-based storytelling is enthusiasm. It’s impossible for that element to not be at least a little personal. So the things they made, they really used paper and tape. It’s a similar kind of passion for the unknown — or at least the under-known — that’s evident in Nasser’s work on “Radiolab,” the popular podcast that frequently focuses on the kinds of scientific oddities that power “Connected.”. I didn’t want to do any of that. Addicted to technology, a group of teens attends a rehabilitation camp in the forest, but a sinister force there intends to take them offline forever. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. JOIN NOW SIGN IN.

Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Whether it’s hearing a family in Morocco awaiting the return of a loved one or seeing how dating apps function in Paris or following explorers across the Bodélé Depression in Chad, these are shows that make life a little less unfamiliar.

It’s incontrovertibly true and it’s stuff that you can take to the bank,” Nasser said. Szmaciana zabawka przemierza świat w poszukiwaniu chłopca, który ją zgubił. “It’s funny, as a science reporter one of the things I’ve really learned is that there’s the story and there’s the information you have to learn from whoever you’re interviewing. Latif przedstawia czasem śmieszne i często przerażające aspekty wszechobecnego monitoringu. Wytwarzają tlen, generują huragany i nawożą las tropikalny. Możliwe, że masz rację. Netflix. Wyjaśniają wiele tajemnic i podsuwają rozwiązania.

Well, you may be right. “Connected” is now available to stream on Netflix. Dr. Moussa Abderamane from Connected. ‘Connected’: The New Netflix Science Series with Some Strong Podcast DNA Even before becoming the host and face of the new Netflix series “ Connected … “To be good at anything, you have to live inside of it. Klikając opcję „Akceptuj”, wyrażasz zgodę na stosowanie wszystkich tego rodzaju plików. In 1950s Italy, a farmer's dream of improving workers’ living conditions collapses when he falls for a landowner's daughter. Right this moment, you may not be able to explain how dust connects the Sahara and the Amazon rain forest — and keeps us all alive — but never fear, Latif Nasser will both explain it and entertain you at the same time. They may be our worst creations. Mezoamerykańska wojownicza księżniczka wyrusza na wyprawę, by nakłonić do współpracy trójkę legendarnych bohaterów. Możesz zmienić (ustawienia plików cookie). Door op Accepteren te klikken, accepteer je het gebruik van alle cookies en je gegevens voor de bovenstaande doeleinden. Our conceptions of some phenomena or natural processes can change by the day. [1] [2] That audio background really comes across in the show’s many conversation-based segments. Both of those shows are really trying to crawl in and trying to imagine every corner of every possibility,” Nasser said. But excrement is more complex than we think, holding many secrets, many problems and, potentially, many solutions.

Just like those conversations are driven by an innate interest in how these disparate pieces fit together, synthesizing all that information becomes even more impactful when delivered by someone with a perspective of their own. Netflix i inne firmy używają plików cookie (dlaczego?). Klikając Zaakceptuj, zgadzasz się na wykorzystanie plików cookie i Twoich informacji do wspomnianych powyżej celów. Elvis trades in his jumpsuit for a jetpack when he joins a secret government spy program to help battle the dark forces that threaten the country. Reach the reporter at Netflix’s new educational series Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything is a fun and educational dive into the science behind everyday things like nuclear technology, sewage systems, surveillance technology, and much more. Dowiedz się więcej o tym, do czego wykorzystujemy pliki cookie. With his TV and podcast work, Nasser’s approach is to tap into something universal by removing any significant thresholds. In the new show “Connected” that premieres on Netflix Aug. 2, Nasser takes the viewer on a fun, educational and at times emotional six-episode journey, to show … Tracking the evolution of an unfolding story is certainly something Nasser encountered while working on “The Other Latif.”. Based on true events. Latif explores a law of numerical probability that applies to classical music, contemporary social media, tax fraud and perhaps the entire universe. However, the stronger episodes are extremely worth getting through the heavy jargon. ... How does the cloud above your head connect to the cloud that stores your data? Each episode has a single-word theme that leads Nasser on a whirlwind tour of the planet, discussing research on the topic with experts along the way. A speck of dust seems insignificant, but a swarm of it can do everything from generating oxygen to tempering hurricanes to fertilizing the rainforest. While working to create a sex app, a young woman and her friends set out to explore the world of intimacy and learn about themselves in the process. Here is the best way to vote in 2020, according to experts and activists, Workers who lost jobs because of COVID-19 find new careers in these fields, ‘Connected’: The New Netflix Science Series with Some Strong Podcast DNA. Aby w niej przeżyć, muszą wziąć udział w niebezpiecznej grze.

But nuclear bombs also taught us things about ourselves and our world that we couldn’t have learned any other way. In “Connected,” Nasser travels the world, outlining the fascinating (and sometimes fragile) connections between ideas and objects as seemingly disparate as migratory bird patterns, musical frequencies, and lunar bacteria. “I crave that mental thing about getting obsessed with something. Spokojne życie odizolowanej od reszty społeczeństwa rodziny zostaje zakłócone przez przerażającą bestię, która wystawia na próbę łączące ją więzi. “In a way, I hope the viewer comes in with less. The answer involves a shipwreck and a shark-proof garden hose. Sure, it's smelly, dirty and gross. Czy na tym rzeczywiście da się zarobić? Netflix i inne firmy używają w tej witrynie plików cookie i podobnych technologii do gromadzenia informacji o aktywności użytkownika w trakcie przeglądania, które są wykorzystywane do analizowania użytkowania witryny, personalizowania usług i dostosowania reklam internetowych. In the new show “Connected” that premieres on Netflix Aug. 2, Nasser takes the viewer on a fun, educational and at times emotional six-episode journey, to show us how no matter where we live in the world, we are all tied together by the same basic threads of science and nature. The top-notch storytelling in this series is primed to enthrall almost anyone, from the most avid nature documentary watcher to the casual science enthusiast. Connected. Netflix last raised prices starting in the first quarter of 2019, when its most popular plan — the Standard tier, with two HD streams — increased in the U.S. from $10.99 to $12.99 per month. '” Nasser said.

One of the things I said early on was I want to cover stuff that is, by and large, true. “There are a lot of science shows out there that cover controversial topics that are on the cutting edge and are in dispute. Zobacz, jak wyglądały 22 lata jego kariery, w tym niełatwy debiut i zatargi z niektórymi trenerami. 'I'm Thinking of Ending Things' Trailer: Charlie Kaufman Brings His Latest Mad Vision to Netflix, 'Last Chance U': Lessons from Five Seasons of Showing Football Life in a Fresh Way. “I was so lucky because the production company that I’m working with, Zero Point Zero, they’re the folks behind all of Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows. Jednak ekskrementy są bardziej skomplikowane, niż nam się wydaje. I have to chew these stats up just to understand them as a reporter and I want to do that same thing for the audience. He brings in humanity and relevancy, like when he talks with a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima in the “Nukes” episode and considers the ramifications of privacy-invading technology in “Surveillance.” He strikes a tone that celebrates research and innovation, but also doesn’t shy away from discussing the negative implications of humanity's greatest discoveries.
Nasser, a science journalist known for his work on “Radiolab,” talked about going on-camera for “Connected” and … They almost have to unlearn to learn the new thing. And then they just made it work somehow. It’s important for us to not just portray these places on TV as these places that CIA agents run through. But then I want them to work a little bit and imagine, ‘Oh, what are the what are the ways this could connect? This is the incredible story behind Sweden’s most notorious gangster, Clark Olofsson, whose infamous crimes gave rise to the term “Stockholm syndrome.”. “I’ve done a lot of science reporting. The science behind the time travel rom-com 'Palm Springs,' explained by expert physicists, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. It’s like doing a puzzle or something.”, One of the biggest challenges of science reporting is grappling with the ever-changing nature of science itself. “Connected” is a great series to watch on Netflix especially now, because it serves as a vital reminder that the world around us links us all, no matter which patch of dirt we call home.

© 2020 They include getting your own Netflix show. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @DrShaena. “The way my brain works, I need things to really be tangible. Inspired by the bestselling memoir. “There were so many moments where I would throw down what I thought was an impossible challenge.

Gra toczy się o przyszłość świata bogów i ludzi. That also plays a big role in the terrific six-part, Nasser-hosted series that Radiolab released earlier this year.

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