callan lothar

Young, too young. This article contains concerns content exclusive to the, Know Your Lore: The Warcraft movie and canon lore. Finally, he’s had enough, and he made his way to find his father practicing with the guards. But the worst part of it was that they didn’t realize that they both wanted the same thing. With his newfound limitations, Khadgar is left alone to wander the world with nobody by his side. But he doesn’t go

Unfollow … Please consider turning it on! Not when the plan involves Medivh willingly being possessed by a demon and all their hopes riding on some unknown mage from god knows where. In the movie, Anduin Lothar is shown as King Llane's brother-in-law, brother to the queen, Lady Taria and uncle to the future King Varian Wrynn. “Because you have been making eyes at Khadgar for the last 7 weeks and it is indescribably annoying.”, “Again, why? So don’t tell Callan A furious and deeply grieving Lothar would come to hold Medivh responsible for his son's death. Based on the video game series of the same name, the film stars Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, and Daniel Wu. While I’m right behind Khad, thrusting. He just needs a little more time with his head in the clouds before he returns back to the grounded life. They were both in need of help and comfort, and they had brought this to each other. Feels so good when you’re on top And like it or not, Medivh has a plan. Based on his look, he was 17-19 years old when he died. and he knows nothing Still he’s on his knees, and. It doesn't last long. He's just a little slow on his descent.
Tossed in the real world, Khadgar has to learn to deal with scary orcs, temperamental Commanders, creepy Guardians, and...oh, Dark Magic. (Don’t tell Callan) The orc tell on Callan and as Lothar extended a hand to his son, he was picked up by Blackhand and was sent flying. Cause Callan doesn’t know, He was becoming insufferable to be around, really. When the meeting is ambushed, Lothar valiantly leads his small force in defending the king, but is devastated when Callan gets trapped on the wrong side of Medivh's magical barrier. I'm not too familiar with prompting, so I hope that this is specific enough without being too specific? They both like each other but don’t say anything because A) Khadgar thinks he’s too young for Lothar to be interested in & B) Lothar thinks Khadgar wouldn’t want someone as scarred and broken as he is.". Saw the evil I would do. i made the artblog for the sake of organization xd, tbh this is mostly just awkward modern Lothar family, tbh I just really want to explore what would change from there, Llane doesn't have anyone to talk him away from Medivh's plan, Khadgar doesn't have anyone to turn to about Medivh, the world's more full of weeping than you can understand, but also: i changed this from a song about cheating into a song about 'sorry i'm fucking your best friend son'.

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