barking dog ordinance omaha ne

Dogs, cats and mini pigs that are not microchipped are required to wear collars and tags. To learn more visit Douglas County Resolution 019-029.

Credits Laws 2012, LB 427, § 10, eff. April 22, 2008; Laws 2009, LB 494, § 11, eff. Aug. 30, 2009; Laws 2015, LB 360, § 17, eff. Department; stop-movement order; issuance; contents; hearing; department; powers; costs; reinspection; hearing, 54-628.02. § 54-639 .

Dec. 1, 2015.

Jan. 1, 2010. (2) It is a defense to a violation of subsection (1) of this section that the dangerous dog was, at the time of the infliction of the serious bodily injury, in the custody of or under the direct control of a person other than the owner or the owner's immediate family.

CITIES OF THE METROPOLITAN CLASS; CHAPTER 17. Any aggressive animal should be immediately reported to DCAS at 303-660-7529. In addition to the powers granted in section 14-101, cities of the metropolitan class shall have power by ordinance: (9) To require from any officer of the city at any time a report, in detail, of the transactions of his or her office or any matter connected therewith; (10) To provide for the prevention of cruelty to children and animals; (11) To regulate, license, or prohibit the running at large of dogs and other animals within the city as well as in areas within three miles of the corporate limits of the city, to guard against injuries or annoyance from such dogs and other animals, and to authorize the destruction of the dogs and other animals when running at large contrary to the provisions of any ordinance. If your dog is creating a nuisance, Animal Control has the authority to remove your dog from your property to abate the nuisance. Licensees; primary enclosures; requirements . Dogs; collarless; who deemed owner. Any person who allows the breeding of a cat or dog (either intentionally or accidentally) is required to obtain a breeders permit for a $100 fee. ARTICLE 6. Administrative fines; disposition; lien; collection, 54-646 . Effective date September 1, 2007. Aug. 30, 2009. § 17-526 . The purpose of the quarantine is to monitor the animal’s health for warning signs that the animal may be infected with the rabies virus. Source: Laws 1969, c. 445, § 5, p. 1486; 1987, LB 104, § 5; 2007, LB25, § 7. (X) RELEASE OF ANIMALS. This term does not apply to veterinarians or kennel operators temporarily maintaining on their premises domestic or hybrid animals owned by other persons for a period of not more than thirty days; (7) Rabies control authority means county, township, city, or village health and law enforcement officials who shall enforce sections 71-4401 to 71-4412 relating to the vaccination and impoundment of domestic or hybrid animals. RABIES. In counties having a population of eighty thousand or more inhabitants and cities of the first class contained in such counties, if upon final hearing the defendant is adjudged guilty of any violation of section 54-601 or 54-608, the court may, in addition to the penalty provided in section 54-613, order such disposition of the offending dog as may seem reasonable and proper. § 54-601. COMMISSION POWERS AND DUTIES. CHAPTER 17. Dangerous dogs; violation; prior conviction; effect.

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