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At that moment, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants struck on the school grounds. This was so they could switch places. [5], Invading Empire Unlimited's headquarters, Annie quickly dispatched Doctor Shannon Stillwell, despite the villain's superior strength. She usually pulled half of it back either into a ponytail or braid. Spiderling (real name Anna-May "Annie" Parker) is a superhero and a character in Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows published by Marvel comics. As a young girl, it was already known that she had inherited her father's powers. "[3], As she grew up, Annie would develop spider-powers of her own, causing her parents to fear that she would be taken away by the Regent. She is not shy as well as she didn't seem embarrassed about skinny dipping into a lake naked, even after Hallie stole her clothes. Annie May Parker is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in one of the realities recreated in God Emperor Doom's Battleworld. Luckily, however, S.H.I.E.L.D. Decoding Annie Parker is a 2013 drama film written and directed by Steven Bernstein. Annie Parker is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in one of the domains of the Battleworld reality. Annie as Spiderling is a very brave, fearless and righteous hero with an indomitable sense of justice and responsibility.

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As she grew older, Annie developed spider-powers, and her parents feared the Regent would take her away. Since Annie was a baby at the time, she didn't know anything about Nick or Hallie. Enemies It is severe, and surgery and chemotherapy, with all the accompanying difficulties, soon follow. With the Regent neutralized, Peter, MJ, and Annie resumed their normal lives. Her mother has collapsed and died, and an agonizing downward spiral begins. On a fall afternoon in 1976, young Annie hears a noise from upstairs. While arguing with Jubilee, Annie was struck by a premonition which showed her parents and the X-Men getting attacked in the Danger Room. Peter bluffed his way next to the Regent, and made a joke that caused the villain to laugh and be distracted for long enough so Peter could strike a finishing blow that knocked him out, though he had initially intended to deal a killing blow. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. S.H.I.E.L.D. After their successful mission of defeating the Regent and Mole-Man, Annie was finally allowed to join her parents as Spiderling in their crime-fighting activities. They find Normie injured, stating that he attempted to stop the mech. found them first. Second Generation Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. After that, she tied half of it back into a ponytail (Hallie's signature hairstyle), tied it into short pigtail braids, wore a headband, or pulled it all back into either a ponytail or with a hairclip. Hand … 11-year-old Annie Parker is living the perfect young life, loved by all, and especially by her mother, father, and older sister. Origin Annie James is one of the main protagonists from the 1998 remake of the The Parent Trap (the other being her twin sister, Hallie Parker ). They are both mischievous and intelligent, devising many schemes to torture Nick's fiancée, Meredith Blake, during their camping trip. Despite passing, thanks to her Inhibitor Chip, a fellow classmate, Lewis, was outed as a mutant. [11] While Peter and MJ argued about their daughter being in danger as a superhero, Annie slipped away to confront the villain herself. Annie wakes up to find herself imprisoned in Oscorp, with Normie Osborn. She loses her hair, and if that wasn't enough to endure, her husband, never really mature or stable, has begun an affair with Anne’s closest friend Louise, and leaves her. King focuses on collecting families with a particularly high incidence of breast cancer, suspecting that these cases are most likely to reveal any genetic predispositions. When Annie was young, she and her mother were attacked by Venom, which left her traumatized. Suddenly, the Sinister Six invade the base. Spider Powers: Superhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSuperhuman staminaSuperhuman durabilitySuperhuman agility and reflexesSuperhuman senses and precognitionSpider-SenseHealing factorHighly intelligentExcellent hand-to-hand combatant, To help her parents (Spider-Man and Spinneret) protect New York City at all costs from its criminal underworld, Spinneret/Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Mother). proceeded to take the Regent into custody using an improvised restraining unit created by the Prowler. Hobby Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

They also are both allergic to strawberries.

Annie Parker is the young daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in an alternate reality that was part of Battleworld. While Annie struggles, King is pursuing her belief that some forms of breast and ovarian cancer have a hereditary basis. She grew up with Elizabeth and her father, Charles James, in London where the former worked as a wedding gown designer. Annie was eight years old as of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3. S.H.I.E.L.D. Annie is diagnosed with the same disease that killed her mother and sister—breast cancer. Annie Parker is shown to be a highly intelligent, curious and full of energy girl. She also learns of his girlfriend, Meredith, from his housekeeper, Chessy. While in the cabin, they learn that they have many things in common and soon find out they are twins when they learn that they share the same birthdays, are the same age, and find that their pictures of their estranged parent whom they never met are the same one. She takes part in Secret Wars (2015) and later in the ongoing series of Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 as a main character. The film was released domestically by Entertainment One Films simultaneously in theaters and video-on-demand on May 2, 2014. [16], Described by Professor Xavier as a charming girl. While she captures headlines for her work applying DNA fingerprinting to help reunite "the disappeared" with their families in Argentina, her priority is to map the breast cancer gene.

After being with Meredith for a while, Annie learns that she is only after Nick's money and tells Hallie she can't stop her and is no longer the only girl in Nick's life. Peter bluffed his way next to the Regent, and made a joke that caused the villain to laugh and be distracted for long enough so Peter could strike a finishing blow that knocked him out, though he had initially intended to deal a killing blow. Like Hallie, she wears a locket with her initial ("A") on it, which she has had since she was born. [6] This traumatic event would leave a scar on young Annie, as she would often have nightmares of the "shadowthing.

Later, Normie thanked Spiderling and the two become friends. As a result, she was kidnapped by the Rhino and his masked goons. Annie Parker was created by Dan Slott and Adam Kubert and first appeared in an alternate reality in the Secret Wars mini-series Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1(2015). Friends/Allies With the Regent neutralized, Peter, MJ, and Annie resumed their normal lives.[6]. He lives with his wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker and his daughter Annie Parker. Annie May Parker is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in one of the realities recreated in God Emperor Doom's Battleworld. The two bicker, with Normie revealing how lonely he was and Annie sympathizing with him. As a result, they decided to send them to the Isolation Cabin for the rest of the summer in order to work out their differences — as well as separating them from the other campers. Annie Parker is the daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson-Parker. Annie had several other codenames for her superhero alter-ego, her original one was. Spiderling was guided by Normie throughout the mech, where she ultimately destroyed the armor. She struggles to find a way in the world with her equally young but misguided husband and her older sister, Joan Parker who tries to become a surrogate parent to Anne. Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division members (Earth-18119), 35 Appearances of Anna-May Parker (Earth-18119), 4 Minor Appearances of Anna-May Parker (Earth-18119), Media Anna-May Parker (Earth-18119) was Mentioned in, 105 Images featuring Anna-May Parker (Earth-18119), 12 Quotations by or about Anna-May Parker (Earth-18119), Character Gallery: Anna-May Parker (Earth-18119), Anne Parker, character in Decoding Annie Parker; See also. Kraven the Hunter suspected Spider-Man had a child, so Regent did a power screening of all families connected to Public School 122 Mamie Fay. However, the counselors were pulled into Hallie’s last prank. They also share similar interests, such as their love for poker, fencing and Oreos with peanut butter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [10] Shortly thereafter she was captured,[1] though she was quickly rescued by her parents. Annie toured the school with Jubilee and Shine. Annie begins to learn the true responsibilities of being a hero which made her become very responsible and selfless like her father as well being headstrong like her mother. [8], Reunited with the Power Pack, Annie was given a costume to go along with her powers, much to her mother's dismay. That is until Hallie cut it shoulder length and side-swept bangs that reached below her cheek. Hallie then retaliates by pulling Annie into the water when the latter tried to apologize and pull her out of it.

Annie Parker is a Democratic at-large representative on the New Britain Public Schools Board of Education in Connecticut. She also speaks with a British accent but is able to emulate an American one as well. But none of them knows that something horrible is stalking their perfect family. Luckily, however, S.H.I.E.L.D.

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