a show of force meaning

The march by union organizers is intended as a show of force to politicians threatening to weaken their bargaining powers. [2], Shows of force also work on a smaller scale: military forces on a tactical level using mock attacks to deter potential opponents, especially when a real attack on suspected (but unconfirmed) enemies might harm civilians. In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole volgari. ‘They were deployed more as a show of force than as force aiming to achieve concrete results on the ground.’.

It came as Iraqi authorities were preparing to launch the largest, Besides allowing the battery's Soldiers to hone their skills and showcase the effectiveness of their weapons, the recent exercise allowed the unit to synchronize all the fire support assets in the area, as a, An estimated 15,000 people have protested in the capital, Bern--the first public, North Carolina hesitated, but Franklin didn't: Sevier led 2,000 men westward through the woods to Nashville, and the, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)-led Stabilization Force (SFOR) conducting peace operations in the former Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) conducted a, team fabricated intelligence and phony news reports to convince the Guatemalan military that defeat was inevitable, bluffing Arbenz out of office with a nominal, Trade unionists carrying thousands of flags turned the streets red yesterday and packed into the Circus Maximus, scene of ancient Rome's chariot races, in a, soldiers deployed to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo as a ", Earlier yesterday, Attorney General Ms Janet Reno said the agents who seized Elian had to have a ", British armoured vehicles were shot at as they patrolled in Bosnia as part of the United Nations' biggest, Oil-producing nations have recently made a, In order to preserve this image, al-Asad must sustain a large armed presence precisely in order to present to the world a. Shows of force may also be executed by police forces and other armed, non-military groups. A display of one's power, influence, or capability to cause harm, meant to act as a warning or deterrent to others. ‘They were deployed more as a show of force than as force aiming to achieve concrete results on the ground.’ ‘On August 1, in an unmistakable show of force, the Chinese military held its first ever parade of troops and armoured vehicles through Hong Kong.’ La funzione degli esempi è unicamente quella di aiutarti a tradurre la parola o l'espressione cercata inserendola in un contesto. The president said that such a show of force will be treated as an act of aggression by the foreign country and could lead to a declaration of war.

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